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Day #36 I was AMPED!

I had a lot going for me today mentally.  I saw my stomach going down, I’ve been eating better & I just knew I was losing weight.  So I just wanted some more exercise to contribute to that!

I gotta admit, I wanted to be able to write on here today that I beat my fastest 1 mile jogging time.  And guess what ya’ll?  I shattered it by 40 seconds.  I ran a mile in 10 minutes and 55 seconds!  Whew!

I felt good running today.  My dude in the faith that lives in my community (he’s actually coming over tomorrow to help me on a track cause he’s a drummer) saw me running and he cheered me on!  That’s when I really started running fast.

Some days you may not feel like running.  But everyday won’t be like that.  Some days you will feel like running!  Be encouraged today.

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