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Day 4, wow, all I can say is “Day 4”

I get to the gym to lift some weights.  2 minutes into my workout, my iPod DIES!  NOOOOOOOO!!!!  I’m a very musically inclined individual, so that was a hard blow!  I can’t jiggy to the Sport Center anchors!!!

But it was my fault b/c I didn’t charge up my iPod.

But it was cool.

I know I’m just getting into the swing of things, so I’m trying to do as much as I can without injuring myself.  A lot of times I see people trying to take on more than they can lift & end up hurting themselves because of it (ponder on that thought for a moment and think beyond physical).  So I may look weak in the eyes of some because I’m only pushing 90 pounds, but I know that what I’m resisting will increase my strength, muscle & improve my health.  I’m not working out for other people, I’m working out for myself that this vessel can glorified God in the best way possible.

So I was doing sit ups on the vertical sit up bench.  I was only going to do 10, but in my head I heard “do 15” & once I got to 15, I heard in my head “do 20”  So I did 20 AND I WAS HURTING AFTER THAT!!!  It literally felt like a Charlie Horse in my GUT & I had to take 5 on em!  After that, I used a few more machines & signed out.

At times, I didn’t push hard enough while other times, I pushed it to the max.  I’m hoping at some point in the midst of this working out that I’ll always push to the max!

Time to eat an 100 Tilapia Fish!  See ya tomorrow!

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