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Day 43 I felt just as sluggish as day 1!  This 1 is kinda long, but if you real the entire “essay” (lol) I know it’ll encourage you.

3 minutes into my jog I felt so bad!  My sides hurt!  My stomach hurt (not from eating too much either), my legs hurted also!  Before I even started, I didn’t have a will to run. And I know exactly why!

Before Thursday, April 8th, I had been eating super healthy!  I was working out 5 times a week.  Jogging 1 mile M-W-F & weight training on Tuesday & Thursday.  I had the mentality of keeping up this regime throughout my 3 1/2 day stay in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

When I touched down @ UNC on Thursday, I didn’t lift weights or anything b/c my flight was early in the morning.  I figured I’d do some push ups, crunches, etc. after I touched down @ the college.  However, after I touched down, I was SUPER HUNGRY and needed something to sustain me for the next few hours.  Since we were on a College Campus, the students/alumni that hosted me decided to take me to an ALL YOU CAN EAT dining hall!  There was so much food to  choose from.  However, the problem was that 97 % of the food was unhealthy and the 3 % that was healthy wasn’t the best on the menu as far as taste.

Day 1 of 3 1/2 @ UNC-I ate a burger w/o cheese (the bun was bad though…carbs) a salad with lite italian dressing, chicken noodle soup & an apple juice.  For dinner I had a 6 inch turkey sub (no cheese), apple juice

Day 2 of 3 1/2 @ UNC-I THOUGHT I was eating vegan food (I made my status about this so you may have seen this) but really the sign was WRONG!  I was wondering why the food was so good!  I was led astray.  Also my next meal wasn’t until 3:30am the next morning (very bad to eat that late at night, but I was EXTREMELY HUNGRY AFTER RAPPING AND PARTYING FOR THE LORD!

So by Day 3 of 3 1/2 @ UNC-I didn’t care anymore.  I rebelled.  I ate 2 chicken biscuits from Bojangles (at least I had OJ w/ it LOL), a Chipotle styled burrito & 2 cups of very sweet tea.

And finally Day 3 1/2 of 3 1/2 I ate another Bojangle biscuit (this time porkchop) with more sweet tea!  When the prodigal returned home, I tried to eat right with a chicken caesar salad from Target, but it was NASTY!  I ate some chicken noodle soup when I got home.

This is why I was in pain while I ran.  However, I never stopped and b/c of that, I actually ran my fastest time of 10 minutes and 38 seconds (I beat my fastest time by 17 seconds).

The thought that came time to mind is that sin hurts but God’s grace is sufficient!  A lot of time we feel bad b/c of whatever sin or sins we commit.  And as Christians we should feel bad (conviction).  However, 1 sin doesn’t wipe away all the good stuff you’ve done.  But 1 action by Christ Jesus does wipe away all of our sin.  It is not our actions that save us.  It’s His grace.  So keep running, knowing that His grace is more than enough.  And while you’re running, eat healthy and hang around people who eat just like you.  Phillipians 2:12.

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