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If I had to describe my run with 1 word, the word easily would be “Undignified.”

I weighed myself this morning & I lost another 3 pounds!!! I have lost a total of 19 pounds in less than 2 months (50 days)! Wow! My faith being put into action garners RESULTS!!! Starting to see why today’s run was “Undignified”?????

If you don’t then keep reading…

I was STUPID AMPED! I woke up an hour early and was wired! I grabbed my phone, loaded my songs and ran with grace. I gave little to no thought to my body and I noticed that was already half way through 1 mile before the 1st song ended! I was running like a madman!

Well I finally started feeling the burn from running so hard, but I pushed through it and got a 2nd wind. I was on my final stretch (a little more than 2 blocks away from home) & I thought to myself “I got nothing to lose, so let’s lose it all” and I ran full speed. I was dumb tired, but then out of nowhere,I started PUSHING MYSELF! I started saying “Make War” & “you can do it” really loud and HONESTLY COULD CARELESS WHO HEARD ME (trust me, I was LOUD!).

As a result of pushing myself, I ran my fastest mile @ 9 minutes and 35 seconds! I beat my record by 1 minute and 3 seconds! It was worth it and my body was SHOCKED! It’s still tired as I write this blog. But that’s definitely gonna add tone and definition to my body!

So get to a level spiritually where you could careless about dignity. Lose your dignity that you may accomplish the aptitude God has created you with that our Father may smile upon us!

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