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Day 9 is what I needed.

I was so nervous about today. I woke up, pulled out the scale, stood on it for 15 seconds & it read…

244.4 lbs

I LOST 3 POUNDS!!! I was so happy, relieved & 30 other emotions at the same time. Throughout the week I had to battle some negative thoughts like “oh this working out stuff isn’t working” & “look at your waist, you still look the same.” So when I saw that I’m making progress, I started dancing in front of my wife while she was sleep!

I was encouraged on so many levels. My favorite thing I learned is just because it doesn’t look like you’re making progress doesn’t mean you aren’t “progressing.”

In the mirror, I look the same. But the scale doesn’t lie. If I keep shedding 3 pounds here and there, it will only be a matter of time before I lose 30 & reach my goal 🙂

Whatever situation you are in, as long as you are working towards how God wants that situation to look, you are making progress no matter how unchanged it looks.

Be encouraged…

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