From Undrafted to Unstoppable: Daylan Baldwin’s Rise to NFL Success

On this episode of Da Fixx, professional football player Daylan Baldwin of the Cleveland Browns shares his faith journey, mental health struggles, and experiences in the NFL. We also have a thought-provoking conversation about OnlyFans and its impact on society. We discuss the importance of following God’s guidance, standing on principles, and prioritizing a genuine relationship with God.

A Journey of Faith and Football

It’s that time of the year again. Football Season! And we had the pleasure of sitting down with Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver, Daylen Baldwin, an undrafted free agent in the NFL. He shared his journey of patience and faith and how he overcame the challenges of not getting drafted. His faith in God, he said, was instrumental in his success. He prayed over his plays and relied on God’s guidance throughout his journey.

Mental Health and the Misconception of Fame

Daylen also opened up about his mental health struggles, specifically his battle with depression. He found solace in his faith and the Bible, which he considered his therapy. He emphasized the importance of staying connected with others and avoiding isolation during difficult times.

We gave props to Daylen for keeping it real and discussed the misconception that fame and success automatically equate to happiness. We are extremely grateful for Daylen’s willingness to share his story and shed light on the reality of mental health struggles.

The Transfer Decision: Jackson State to Michigan

Then we shifted to Daylen’s transfer from Jackson State to Michigan. He explained that disagreements with the coaching staff at Jackson State led him to explore other opportunities. He received offers from Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan, ultimately choosing Michigan for the opportunity to become the best version of himself as a football player.

Daylen shared his experience at Jackson State University and being around Deion Sanders. While he admired the man, there were aspects of the environment and culture at Jackson State that he didn’t appreciate. He decided to bounce from Jackson State because they wanted to partially revoke his scholarship, despite him having a great season. His decision to leave was personal and not about what Deion was doing for HBCUs.

Mentoring, Relationships, Inside the NFL

He also spoke about his experience with mentoring and his approach to relationships. After his last podcast episode, where he talked about his faith, many people reached out to him for mentorship. He considers it a blessing and enjoys discussing God and different verses with others.

When asked about his expectations for the his team this year, He expressed confidence in the their chemistry and believes they have a chance to win a championship. He mentioned the addition of new players with championship experience and highlighted his personal goal of making the roster through impressive performances in preseason games.

The OnlyFans Debate

Dice Gamble brought up an article about a Christian woman who believes that God has instructed her to be on OnlyFans and earns $18 million a year from stripping. We discussed the biblical principles of holiness and modesty, and the changing mentality around sex, even within the church. We acknowledged that some individuals may see OnlyFans as a way to take care of their families, but also recognized the negative consequences it can have on relationships and family dynamics.

Closing Thoughts

This episode was a testament to the power of faith, the challenges faced by athletes, and the complexities of societal issues. It was a reminder that no matter our journey, our faith can guide us through the most challenging times. Thank you for tuning in. Please leave us a comment and let us know your thougths on the the show.

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From Undrafted to Unstoppable: Daylan Baldwin's Rise to NFL Success
Daylen Baldwin, Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver


Topic 1: Waking up with a positive mindset [00:00:00] Waking up with a positive mindset and be ready to be great.

Topic 2: Pride month and biblical standpoint [00:02:29] Discussion on Pride Month examined from a biblical standpoint.

Topic 3: OnlyFans pages and their approach [00:05:39] Real talk topic teaser on the popularity of OnlyFans pages and mention that one of them has an OnlyFans page without explicit content.

Staying Patient and Implementing God [00:08:40] Daylen Baldwin shares his experience as an undrafted free agent and how staying patient and relying on God helped him succeed in football.

Finding Faith in College [00:09:42] Discussion about how his spiritual mentor and reading the Bible in college helped him find his faith.

Choosing Michigan and Trusting God [00:14:27] Dicussion about the decision to transfer to Michigan and how he prayed to God for guidance in choosing the best path for his football career.

Deion Sanders’ Influence [00:16:31] Discussion about Deion Sanders’ impact on the sport and his revolutionary swag.

Mixed Feelings about Deion Sanders [00:16:59] The experience of being coached by Deion Sanders and his mixed feelings about the treatment he received.

Leaving Jackson State [00:18:47] The decision to leave Jackson State due to the partial scholarship offer and his dissatisfaction with how the team was handled.

The blessing of mentoring [00:23:43] Discussion about how after a previous podcast episode, many people have approached him for mentorship, which he considers a blessing.

Understanding the need for singleness [00:24:33] Conversation about the need to be single and focus on his relationship with God, rather than jumping from one relationship to another.

Expectations for the Cleveland Browns [00:26:44] Do the Cleveland Browns have the potential to win a championship this year? We highlight the team’s chemistry and the addition of experienced players.

Chris Broussard’s Firm Faith [00:31:13] Discussion about Chris Broussard’s firm faith and how he left his previous job for a better opportunity.

Debate on LGBTQ+ Issues [00:31:55] Conversation about the ability to agree to disagree on LGBTQ+ issues without disrespect or discrimination.

Discussion on OnlyFans and Sexuality [00:32:38] Conversation about a woman who believes God instructed her to be on OnlyFans and the hosts’ views on sexuality and staying pure until marriage.

The OnlyFans industry [00:41:54] Discussion about the use of OnlyFans for sexual content and the financial success of some creators.

Safety aspect of OnlyFans [00:48:02] Exploration of the safety aspect of OnlyFans compared to the dangers of the sex trade industry.

Conversation about Daylen Baldwin and Deion Sanders [00:50:03] Reflection on the interview, his faith journey, and the desire for a conversation between him and Deion Sanders.

The importance of faith and not chasing money [00:51:44] Discussion about the importance of focusing on God’s guidance rather than pursuing money and fame in the sports industry.

The need for a genuine relationship with God [00:52:18] Emphasizing the importance of having a real and strong connection with God to avoid getting caught up in worldly temptations.

Interviewing Dion Sanders and discussing his legacy [00:52:29] Expressing the desire to interview Deion Sanders, acknowledging his status as one of the greatest football players and discussing his impact on the game.