Debunking Stereotypes: The Truth About Being a Pastor’s Kid

Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx Radio Show where we delve into faith-infused hip hop, R&B, and poetry, I had the pleasure of engaging in a riveting conversation with Michael Bethany, a worship pastor and Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter. In this post, I’ll share the insights and lessons from our discussion, which revolved around understanding, faith, music and how his breaking stereotypes.

The Importance of Understanding in a Selfish World

This episode, my co-host Dice Gamble and I emphasized the need to understand others’ perspectives and communicate effectively in a world that often prioritizes self-interest. Rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ, we aim to bridge the gap between Christian hip hop and gospel music, recognizing the shared values within the larger music community. We also expressed our desire to challenge our listeners to deepen their prayer lives, potentially introducing a prayer challenge on social media.

Michael Bethany: A Journey into Songwriting

Our guest, Michael Bethany, shared his journey into songwriting, which began in St. Louis, where he and his brother released a record and wrote all the music. He credits his time working with Fred Hammond for teaching him valuable lessons and providing opportunities to write music. One of their collaborations, “They That Wait” became a huge success, staying at number one on the charts for several weeks. This experience gave Michael confidence and propelled him to continue writing on a larger scale.

Preparation and Investing in Oneself

Michael emphasized the importance of preparation and investing in oneself. He advised aspiring songwriters to grind in their hometowns and be faithful in their craft, as that groundwork will prepare them for future opportunities. He also shared his musical inspirations, which include artists like Israel, Donnie McClurkin, Commissioned, The Winans, Darryl Coley, James Moore, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and Timothy Wright.

Debunking Stereotypes and Embracing Creativity

We also discussed misconceptions about being a pastor’s kid (PK). Michael debunked the stereotype that all PKs are rebellious, acknowledging the diversity within this group. He also discussed his music and the vision he received for his album, expressing his desire to explore different forms of creativity in the future.

The Standard: Seeking Understanding in Relationships and Society

Transitioning to a new topic, Dice Gamble and I discussed the importance of seeking understanding in relationships and in society as a whole. We highlighted the cultural tendency to be dismissive and the need for deeper discernment and wisdom. We touched on sensitive topics like black-on-black crime and encouraged open-mindedness and collaboration in finding solutions.

Wisdom and Understanding: Iron Sharpens Iron

I shared my personal experience of realizing the wisdom in my parents’ teachings as he grew older. I highlighted the value of the book of Proverbs in gaining wisdom and understanding. Dice Gamble added that refusing to understand or seek deeper understanding can block blessings. I encouraged listeners to have a mindset of seeking deeper understanding and to respond to situations with responsibility.

The Importance of Hard Work and Understanding in Success

Dice Gamble emphasized the need to work for what you want and not expect handouts. She also talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and being grateful for what you have. I added that understanding is crucial in marriages and that people often give up on God too easily in relationships. We stressed the importance of having an understanding in all aspects of life and how it can lead to success and happiness.

A Lighter Note: Anecdotes and Spiritual Detox

To end the episode on a lighter note, Dice Gamble shared a funny anecdote from her time working at Walmart in Snellville, Georgia. In conclusion, our conversation with Michael Bethany was a rich exploration of understanding, faith, and music. We hope that our listeners and readers will take these insights to heart and apply them in their own lives. Thank you for tuning in and God bless. – DJ Focus

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Michael Bethany on stage with his son
Breaking stereotypes with Michael Bethany


Understanding in Relationships (00:02:14) The importance of understanding in relationships and how it helps navigate challenges and expectations.

The Challenges of Being a Free Thinker (00:04:19) The struggles of being a free thinker in a society that often expects conformity and going with the trends.

Interview with Michael Bethany (00:08:23) Introducing Michael Bethany, a worship pastor and Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, and discuss his latest project and his journey in the music industry.

The songwriting journey (00:09:16) Michael Bethany talks about his journey into songwriting, starting from his early days in St. Louis to working with Fred Hammond.

The success of “That Weight” (00:10:41) Michael Bethany discusses the unexpected success of the song “They That Wait” and how it stayed on the Billboard charts for several weeks.

Tips for aspiring songwriters (00:12:13) Michael Bethany gives advice to aspiring songwriters, emphasizing the importance of preparation and investing in oneself.

The musical inspirations (00:17:51) Michael Bethany talks about his musical inspirations growing up, including artists like Israel, Donnie McClurkin, and the Clark Sisters.

Starting the singing career (00:19:13) Michael Bethany shares how he started his singing career at a young age, leading songs in the church and realizing his passion for music.

The creative process (00:21:49) Michael Bethany discusses his creative process, which involves getting visions during prayer time, recording them on his phone, and later fleshing out the lyrics and melodies.

Michael Bethany’s Global Vision (00:26:36) Michael Bethany discusses his journey and how he received a vision for a global album that draws people into God’s presence.

Forming a Super Group (00:28:01) Michael Bethany talks about his vocal heroes and mentions Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway as artists he would choose to form a supergroup with.

The Importance of Understanding (00:30:13) Introduction of the topic of understanding in relationships and the significance of seeking deeper understanding in conversations.

Understanding God’s Will (00:35:31) Exploring the importance of seeking a deeper understanding of God’s desires and one’s purpose in life.

The Power of Not Knowing (00:39:16) Discussing the significance of admitting when one doesn’t have all the answers and the benefits of seeking a deeper understanding through prayer and reflection.

Cultivating a Deeper Understanding (00:42:40) Highlighting the value of gaining a deeper understanding of different cultures, appreciating one’s blessings, and navigating various aspects of life with wisdom and insight.

Understanding the Importance of Hard Work (00:44:12) The need to work hard in order to achieve success and enjoy the finer things in life.

The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with the Right People (00:45:09) The significance of having a supportive and growth-oriented team, and the need to let go of people who hold you back.

Seeking Deeper Understanding and Godly Wisdom (00:46:33) The importance of listening, processing information, and taking action for personal growth and positive change.

The older man’s admiration (00:53:11) An older man at Walmart expresses his appreciation for the beauty of God’s creations when attractive people pass by.