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Dedge P – I Go Through It Too

We can often get hurt by others and blanketly associate that blame with “the church,” causing us to disassociate ourselves or fall away. For sure, we are imperfect people. However, @dedgep reminds us to never give up on God, the ultimate architect who is always working. While people may be there for only a season of time, God is always with us.

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Said I been through it too
I go through it too
I been through it too
And you got to realize that

The Lord did not give up on you
Yeah other people did thats true
But they was only there for a season
They became bland
But I Lord been there through and through
I know you maybe fell hit your head
Told you was going to hell
While your dazed and confused
And you got nobody to tell
What your going through I promise you
God did not give up on you
If you line up what they said with the word
You will realized it’s not true
Satan come to kill steal and destroy
While you think thats your boy
He might be the one deployed
To get you on the path of discouragement
The race not given to the swift and battle to the strong
So Don’t Quit

And just want to tell you I love you
I just want the best for you brother
I just want the best for you sister
God is going to fight all of your battles
So don't you get rattled it feel like a hassle
You gave your love up for the cause
I'm talking the gospel now it’s seems like life’s on pause
And I understand your thoughts and all
But God will still answer if you call
I had to go through the same thing
My thought was we was the A-Team
Not only did we rep the same king
A nightmare started off as a dream

I know that your hurting
I know that your broken
I see it in you
But listen I go through it too
I go through it too
I go through it too
I go through it too
I go through it too yeah

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