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Today I was sitting here @ work thinking about definitions. There are many places where definitions come from. Most of the definitions we associate with words today come from the dictionary (Websters, etc.). Some we make up ourselves. Other definitions have actually nothing to do with word itself, but the images and feelings one associates with that word. Here is an excerpt from, which I thought was pretty amusing on the definition(s) of Christian Rap (aka Christian Hip Hop).

Urban Dictionary: Chrisitan Rap

Urban Dictionary: Christian Rap

1.) Christian Rap:
Although some believe otherwise, it’s possible for rap to be Christian and still actually be rap. Rap is a STYLE of music, not a certain lyrical pattern. Rap is a sound, not a lyrical theme. Therefore, Christian rap is made possible.

2.) Christian Rap:
A genre of Christian music. A very upbeat, positive type of rap. Includes various artists such as KJ-52, Pigeon John and Christian Orona.

3.) Christian Rap:
Christian Rap can be used as a tool to express the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ to a person that would not regularly be able to be reach with traditional preaching methods.

4.) Christian Rap:
A double abomination.

5.) Christian Rap:
Yet another funny oxymoron. Christian rap really doesn’t exist, it’s like metal without the sex, drugs and parties. Christian rap will never express some of the core ideals and dilemmas that almost all rap artists express. I’m sorry, but a rap or hip-hop song about Mountain Dew, which is a great drink, is not a rap song. It’s like a football player dressed as a ballerina for the Super Bowl, it just isn’t right.

6.) Christian Rap:
Biggest joke in the world. little bitches who aren’t allowed to listen to real rap because of their politically correct butthole parents think it is all about hitting your “bitch” would only listen to someone rapping about their love for god.

Obviously these aren’t my definitions, but I do think it’s a bit humorous (and sad) to see how people view Christian Hip Hop and Christian Rap. It appears that some of the people who gave their definitions above probably heard a song from an artist who didn’t necessarily intend for their song(s) to be considered the “blueprint” for how a Christian Rap / Christian Hip Hop song to sound. I think its important for Christian artists to be mindful of who may be listening to our music, and make sure they don’t paint themselves into a corner of becoming that “silly rapper”, or “happy go lucky MC” who only makes music about cheer-leaders. Balance is the key IMO. The world is listening (it doesn’t seem like their buying though…LOL), so lets be mindful of how we are portraying our music.

Now I’ve shared a couple definitions with you from, I’d like to read some of your definitions!

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