From Depression to Salvation: Kidd Lees Inspiring Journey to Christ

Da Squad has an in depth conversation with Kidd Lee, a young rapper who recently found Christ and transitioned from secular to Christian music. We talked about her faith journey, mental health struggles, how she overcame depression and her daily spiritual regimen. It was a powerful conversation that we think you’ll enjoy.

Tha Kidd battles depressions and wins

Kidd Lee shared that she found Christ in 2020 after going through a period of depression and suicidal thoughts. She lost her job and many friends, which led to her feeling isolated from the world. However, God picked her up from that spot and gave her hope. Kidd Lee shares that she was introduced to the faith through TikTok, where she saw many Christians talking about their relationship with Jesus.

We also talked about Kidd Lee’s boldness in walking away from friends who were not supportive of her newfound faith. She explained that she started to feel convicted about her actions, such as smoking, and when she shared her reasons for wanting to stop with her friends, they made fun of her. This led to them growing apart, and Kidd Lee realized that God did not want her around those people.

Kidd Lee also shared her mental health struggles and how she dealt with them. She was in therapy for self-harming in middle school and was on medication for depression and anxiety. In high school, she suppressed her emotions and turned to music as an outlet. However, after finding Christ, she has been able to find peace and healing.

Learning to forgive, learning to love

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble also discussed the importance of implementing the cross into daily life as Christians. Christianity is based on faith and the belief that Jesus died for our sins. Dice questioned those who claim to be Christian but lack power and guidance in their daily lives. She emphasized the importance of using the Bible as a tool for guidance and drawing power and encouragement from it.

Love is what proves to the world that we are true disciples of Christ, but it can be difficult to love the unlovable. DJ Focus shared his personal struggles with forgiveness and how he had to learn to love those who wronged him. Da Squad encourage Christians to not be afraid of sharing their testimonies and being a light to others. Picking up the cross every day means being a light and sharing the love and power of Christ with others.

As Kidd Lee said, “God is with you, and He’s not going to leave you.” I hope this conversation inspires you to draw closer to God and share His love with others.

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From Depression to Salvation: Kidd Lee's Journey to Christ