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Descendantz is back with new album “Little Kingdoms”

Descendantz is back with “Little Kingdoms,” a 90’s hip-hop inspired project with a 2020 vibe. The album features artists: Joshua Penn, Exilian, Fern, Erick Dayz, Selah The Corner, Datin, Christian Joshua & Avenue.

Little Kingdoms album is available now on all streaming outlets.


Descendantz – Little Kingdoms Track listing

  1. Rome (Intro)
  2. 1Million
  3. Point Of It All (feat. Joshua Penn & Exilian)
  4. Clockwork Universe (feat. Fern & Erick Dayz)
  5. Undeniable (feat. Erick Dayz, Selah The Corner & Datin)
  6. Rollin’ Dolo (feat. Erick Dayz)
  7. Too Real (feat. Christian Joshua & Avenue)
  8. Once Again
  9. Dream Chaser
  10. Nomad
  11. Boom (Life Is Beautiful)
  12. Come Home

All trax produced by ELPro, all scratches by DJMorph, mixed and mastered by DJMorph

About Descendantz

Comprised of Eddie Nigma, ELPro and DJ Morph, Descendantz is one of the crews to watch out for. In an industry saturated with solo artists, they are poised to make an impact reminiscent of the genre’s golden age, where different flavors blended to create something special. No gimmicks, no games; just diverse, unadulterated hip-hop. Fans of top-notch production and thoughtful lyricism will appreciate the South Florida trio’s approach. Theirs is a refreshing take on what the art form can sound like when all the right ingredients are present. Above all, the main ingredient is their faith in Jesus Christ which resonates through their music.

For over a decade, DJ Morph has remained a staple in music, commonly regarded as one of the premier Dj’s of our day. With five nationally distributed albums and extensive travels both nationally and internationally, his influence is paramount. Emcee Eddie Nigma has also made a name for himself, with classic singles “King Kong” and “Long Way to Go”, not to mention his standout performance on features with the likes of Rhema Soul, R-Swift, and Sho Baraka. Original founding member and producer/drummer ELPro brings it altogether complementing the crew with his signature sound.

Descendantz is back with “Little Kingdoms”, a project boasting cuts sure to satisfy listeners hungry for quality and content. Lend an ear, this may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Twitter/Instagram: @Descendantz @DJMorph @Eddienigma21 @ELPro_ductions

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