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One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 37:4. “Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” I would venture to say most of us favor this scripture. How can we not? God promises to give us the desires of our hearts!

There was a season in my life where I would meditate on this scripture day and night to remind myself that God will fulfill my desires and to secretly remind God that I had some desires He needed to fulfill.

Sadly, my motives came from the wrong place. I thought delighting in God would get me those things I wanted. I was using that scripture to fit my own understanding of what delighting was.

That’s until experience taught me the power of true delighting in God. A couple of years back, I put this scripture as my Facebook status and I will never forget the comment a friend made. It read: “what if God changes your desires?”

I remember in that moment reading that comment and feeling a certain way because something in me feared that truth. I didn’t want God to change my desires. They were my desires. He was supposed to fulfill them because I am living for Him and delighting in Him. Right!?

We all have desires that we’ve placed on our hearts. That desire to be with that particular person. To have that specific job. To move to that desired location. To have those friends. These are desires that we’ve continually placed before God in hopes that one day He will fulfill them. These are desires that we’ve cried over because we wanted them so badly. These are desires that we can’t imagine God changing. But let me tell you what true delighting in God did to the desires of my heart: When I experienced true delighting in God, it diminished my desires and detoured me into the destiny He had laid out for me.

As I began to truly delight in God, I began to see His love and His presence in my life in a new way. I began to love His Word. I began to embrace His hand and the work that He was doing in me. I began to engage Him and not expect of Him. I began to know His heart more and saw His heart was to never harm me, but allow me to prosper in all ways. I began to speak less in prayer so I can hear Him more. I began to enjoy God.

And slowly but surely, the Lord started doing a work in me that I didn’t even think was possible to take place. He slowly gave me the strength to let go of what I thought I needed and wanted in those desires I had laid in my heart and allowed me to embrace His desires.

Delighting in Him will engage and intertwine your heart with God’s heart and in doing that, your own desires will diminish and God’s desires for you will dominate because you hear them clearer and have no problem responding to them. Then the path He walks you through will lead you in the direction of your destiny.

I couldn’t see what God was doing in my life two years ago when the desires I had were more dominant then delighting in Him. But I thank God that I found true delight in Him because I now see why those desires no longer exist. I now see His plans and desires were way better. I’m now walking in my purpose. Around the people I’m supposed to be around. Doing the work I’m supposed to be doing. And the best part—it feels RIGHT!

Delighting in God doesn’t make you resent His desires; nor does it make you fear His desires. Rather, it causes you to fall in love with His desires because they become yours. Do I still have desires? Of course! But am I allowing them to dominate my delighting in Him? Not anymore—I will focus on delighting. I trust God will fulfill ME!

I owe my friend who made that comment on my Facebook status a thank you for helping me see what true delighting does!

So be encouraged. God sees your desires, trust me! But if you are going to stand on His promise of Psalm 37:4, just beware that true delighting will diminish your desires and lead you to the destiny He has for you. It’s a beautiful thing! So go on—delight into your destiny!

Peace, love, and blessings,

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