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withinlogo2A doctor tells the story of a hypnosis patient he had who was warned that the psychiatrist would place hot burning coals in her hand while she was under hypnosis. But instead, he decided to place ice in her hands and as expected, this patient reacted as if it were hot coal. And even more interestingly, she ended up having blisters on her hands.

What we believe determines everything.

When Jesus went around healing people, one of the consistent questions he asked was “do you believe?” In Matthew 9, Jesus encounters two blind men who cried how to Him to have mercy on them and He asks them, “Do you believe that I can do this?” and they answered with assurance, “YES, Master.” Then Jesus says, what I think is the most powerful response after He touched them and healed them,

“Become what you believe” (Matthew 9:29).

They were able to see. They were no longer called the blind men, but now they had their sight. They dared to believe that what they asked Jesus to do for them, they would become.

As Christians, we profess that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. We profess that He died for us so that we can have abundant life. We profess that we are not under condemnation in Christ Jesus. We profess that His joy is our strength. We profess that we are forgiven. We are loved. We are overcomers.

We profess many things. Too many things, actually.

It’s just sad that we don’t really believe them enough to become them.

Our whole life is reflective of what we believe and not what we profess. Belief is what ignites our actions, so if we aren’t acting on what we believe, then the harsh reality is we don’t believe.

If there was ever a time to become what we believe, it is now. A world that doesn’t know Christ can’t come to know Him if we, as those who have chosen to give our lives to Him, do not reflect it in our lives by believing who He says He is and what He said He can do.

This thought dropped in my spirit yesterday and as harsh it sounded, I knew it was true. I asked myself, why bother praying if I don’t believe. What is the point? I concluded that there was no point to my praying if I didn’t believe that God was able to answer them.

I believe it’s a miserable place to be as a Christian if we are in this faith without believing God and His word.

Every person that God used in His word to accomplish mighty things all had one thing in common. While they were all imperfect in many areas, they simply believed God and acted on that.

A ruddy shepherd boy became a valiant King. A stuttering murderer became one of the greatest leaders of all time. A virgin became the mother of our Savior.

They believed God. And they became what He said they would be.

Ask yourself, what would you become if you believed God on what He says about you? What He says about Himself? And then how would that effect what you believe about yourself?

Today, Jesus is saying to you, “Do you believe that He can do THIS [whatever this is] in your life? And if so, then BECOME what you believe.

Writen by Yodit Kifle
Follow Me: @WITHINetwork @yobreezy

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