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Disciple (D.I.) – The Mission EP

Published on August 28, 2012

Disciple (D.I.) is a talented artist of Hope Records who was on a hiatus after releasing a spectacular album, The Freedom LP in 2010. Now He is back with another EP. 2 years is a long time to be gone in today’s rap game. Fortunately for us and him he hasn’t lost a step and picks up where he left off.

The Mission EP is designed to stir believers from their lethargic attitude towards missions and empower them to carry on obeying the Great Commission. Disciple often uses his own testimony to urge believers into action such as “The April 9 Seven,” where he shares how he was saved through the preaching of the gospel and hence, why it is important to preach the gospel, as you never know what the impact will be.

The first thing that hit me about the project was how clear it was! The post-recording production is excellent. It is rare to find albums, let alone EP’s so well mixed in CHH. The different tracks within each song are given room to breathe so the songs don’t sound mushy; each layer is heard clearly yet everything is fused together at appropriate levels that brings out the best in the vocals track.

Secondly, I am reminded just how good of a rhymer Disciple is. From his double time flow on “Key to Freedom” to his brilliant use of metaphors in every song, it is a pleasure to hear rhyming of this caliber over the beats. It is also rare to find a rapper who sounds so authoritative on the mic as he spits “look nobody else gives you a clear view /his glory no one compares to /try go against him I dare you/”. However there is a problem, not with the emcee rather with his beat selection.

The beats sound quite dated. The synths used in the beats are reminiscent of circa 2010 and the EP has a left-over-joints-from-the-album feel to it. Also the use of the word ‘swagger’ shows the age of this EP. Disciple is quite on point with his lyrics, however sometimes some statements don’t seem well thought out. Take for example the outro to the first song, “The Mission”, where he says, “The Great Commission, you gon’ fulfill it? /Coz if not then somebody’s blood will be on your hands, True.” Actually Mr. Auguste, that is not true*. Thankfully these are very rare occasions and artistic license can be acknowledged.

With 6 songs, this small EP is a solid cut that serves as a good re-introduction to Disciple (D.I.). After a 2yr break, it is good to see that the Disciple has not lost a step and still on the mission. Let us take heed from the life & times of Marc Auguste and be on our mission! Soli Deo Gloria!

*We fulfill the great commission because we are slaves of Christ & as slaves we obey our master. However we just tools in the mission. We cannot change or convert people. That is the Holy Spirit’s job. It is the Spirit that convicts the world of sin, righteous & judgment; the Spirit makes a person born again and the Spirit produces fruit in our lives. (John 16:7-11).

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