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Back at the blog again… Have you ever heard a song for the first time and in the first few moments you knew exactly who the artist was? I was running some errands the other day and I heard a new song with a guitar riff for the intro. I thought it sounded like 3 Doors Down, sure enough it was. Next song had some heavy drums, I thought it sounded like Linkin Park, it was LP. A couple other artists come to mind with distinct sounds, beats from G-Styles have a certain sound, Doc Watson has gun shots in every beat(That’s a joke!). So it got me thinking as a DJ can I have a sound that is distinct. Can someone hear one of my mixes and say that sounds like DJ Eklectic without knowing that it was me? I dunno if I’m there yet but that’s what I’m building towards. In whatever you do, try to be different from others; you don’t have 2 go overboard but don’t be a carbon copy of someone else. Be yourself, different, original, and natural(lol)

Ya boy, Eklectic

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