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DJ Anomally “The End” feat. Rawsrvnt, T Haddy & Malachi of Gideonz Army

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Founded On The Rock Records and Soul Deep Records presents DJ Anomally’s “The End” featuring Rawsrvnt, T Haddy and Malachi of Gideonz Army.

Just as the best teams in the NFL get ready to hit the gridiron for Super Bowl XLVI, DJ Anomally hits you with another single from his upcoming album, The Dream Team.

“The End,” produced by The University alongside Chuck Hemann and Rawsrvnt, is sure to be a radio hit, with its unstoppable message about going hard, pushing past your enemies and reaching the end zone.

“As soon as The University sent me the track, I knew this would be a hit,” said DJ Anomally.  “After Rawsrvnt, T Haddy & Malachi put their gifts to work, it became a masterpiece.”

Eddy “Rawsrvnt” Puyol, Grammy-recognized Hip-Hop Worship pioneer who recently sang his Billboard charting single “On Fire” at Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s 30th Birthday party believes “The End” is more than just a song.  “There’s a lot going on in the world today,” Rawsrvnt said. “We need an anthem that stirs our hearts not to give up.  ‘The End’ is that anthem.  It’s a call to action.  It’s a call to represent.”

Malachi, one third of the popular Christian rap group Gideonz Army, along with singer, songwriter, and producer T Haddy are no strangers to representing.  Their recent single “Jesus Piece” debuted at #1 and has made tremendous buzz around the globe encouraging people to stand up and represent who they believe in.

“The End,” is available on all major digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) as well as YouTube.

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