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New York/Atlanta. June 14, 2010. Holy Hip Hop Radio, the longest-running globally-syndicated radio program of its type, announced today that “DJ Sematic” (New York) will be weekly serving up a blazing, powerful mix of Holy Hip Hop tracks, beats and Rhythm N’ Praise Jamz, as a part of the Superadio family of quality program production specialists. Holy Hip Hop Radio and Inspirational ReMixx are globally-syndicated weekly in 104 metropolitan areas worldwide (100 within the USA), since 1999, and DJ Sematic will support these two shows working directly with radio host personality Minister eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican”), and in cooperation with Pastor Alex Pagani. Superadio is a leading provider of syndicated radio programming with over 1,000 unique radio stations airing its programming across America including many in the top ten radio markets

“The addition of DJ Sematic, a renowned and respected DJ hailing from the streets of New York, is a GodSend. DJ Sematic is a Master Mixologist who has proven already to be an amazing blessing to the listeners of weekly globally syndicated Holy Hip Hop Radio and Inspirational ReMixx, powered by syndicated radio leader-Superadio. Special bless-outs again to the entire global Holy Hip Hop and Gospel community, as it is through your unyielding faith, patience, dedication and support that the global movement continues to make great strides and ascend to higher ground. There is more Good News to come,” said Minister eDDie Velez (a/k/a “Da Preachin Puerto Rican”).

About Holy Hip Hop Radio:

Based in Atlanta and hosted by eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican), Since 1999, Holy Hip Hop Radio remains today as the longest running globally-syndicated weekly radio show of its type consistently providing FM and AM radio affiliates nationwide with powerful and uplifting holy hip hop trax and bangin beats, combined with news, interviews and uplifting fellowship and ministry with over 2000 hours of programming produced to date. For more information, go to:

About DJ Sematic:

Coming from the same part of New York as Pete Rock & CL Smooth, the Lox, Mary J. Blige, DJ Suss, and more, his versatility in the DJ booth will flip on you when you most need it, switching between Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, and Rock, as the chemistry of the dance floor dictates. This talent has stemmed from his passion for music that started at a very early age. DJ Sematic has been heard in the hottest New York City Clubs, such as Stereo, Suede, Remix, Fashion 40, The Millionaire’s Club, Manor, Door Lounge, Cherry Lounge and Prey Lounge, on the airwaves in France on 8RDC 95.5, and in your car system through his mixtapes such as The Best of Bad Boy – Press/Rewind Part 1. DJ Sematic’s projects also include hot mixes such as: Gospel Praize Ride and Club 981 Rhythm N Praise Mix.

DJ Sematic grew up on vinyl turntables, developed into CD turntables, and the MP3 Serato player, by bringing it back to the old school turntables again, with the help of his trendy laptop computer. Six professional years into his DJ career, he is a family man that has grown with the times, but is also a DJ who does not and will not forget the true way to move the crowd: blending, scratching, cutting, and wheeling back, making your heart skip a beat every time he throws on your new favorite song.

As Grammy nominated hip hop artist (Fat Joe’s) former official DJ, Sematic has performed in places such as Morocco , Canada , Nigeria , Ghana , Finland , Rome , Belgium , Austria , London , Holland , Italy , Germany , Brussels , Dubai , and Spain. Although capturing global audiences is what DJ Sematic does best, in December 2008, he gave up the turntables for moving clubs and picked it up to rock with the saints in the Kingdom of GOD.

A great DJ will bring you on a journey that will make you smile, dance, and enjoy yourself all day as well as night. Nobody encompasses these characteristics better than New York ’s own DJ Sematic. Although, he has all these skills, Sematic wants little to do with the fame. He is just wants to spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world and is focused and determined on doing such. Check DJ Sematic out… you don’t want to miss the newest NYC DJ to go worldwide. For more information, please visit:

About eDDie Velez:

eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican) has been featured on national media such as, BET, CBS – The Early Show, FOX, PBS and C-SPAN. In January of 2002, eDDie Velez was invited by the late Coretta Scott King to be a guest speaker at the Annual Martin Luther King Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. In front of many dignitaries, including the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Laura Bush, he gave a compelling speech on how Dr. King’s vision cannot die within the Hip Hop Culture.

eDDie Velez currently hosts the nationally syndicated Holy Hip Hop Radio Show syndicated worldwide by Superadio, as well as the Holy Hip Hop Music Awards, aired worldwide on JC-TV (TBN Affiliate) in over 10 million homes. eDDie also serves as the Chairman and CEO of the Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop, an organization that focuses on ministering the Gospel to the Hip Hop culture. Eddie Velez is bilingual, speaking both fluent English and Spanish.

About Superadio: Superadio is a producer and distributor of marquis radio programs in a variety of formats including Urban, Urban Adult, Gospel, Mainstream Top 40, Rhythmic, Talk, Country, Hot AC, Rock, Dance, Alternative and Oldies. Since 1988, Superadio has boasted a line-up of personalities second to none. Superadio Networks is a multi-format producer and distributor of marquee radio programs including shows in the Urban, Urban Adult, Mainstream Top 40, Rhythmic, Talk, Country, Hot AC, Rock, Dance, Alternative, Gospel and Oldies formats. Superadio has been ahead of the curve creating and distributing some of the most compelling programming in the industry.

In 1992, the launch pad for the world’s largest and most successful mix network was formed with Supermixx and Urban Mixx. Today, there is a Superadio syndicated mix program airing in virtually every radio market. Superadio’s mix roster is home for some of the very best DJ’s and producers in the world, including Paul Oakenfold, DJ Touch Tone, DJ Jam, DJ SupaSam, Kenny “Jammin’” Jason, DJ Kut, DJ Hideo, Clinton Sparks, Steve “Miggedy” Maestro, DJ Book, DJ Backside, Kid Scratch and Spinderella. Superadio also boasts an impressive line-up of personalities and shows including Progressive Talkers Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton and Warren Ballentine; Star; Joe Cortez, host of The Retro Pop Reunion; Ken Cooper, host of Retro Country USA; PK, host of The Playhouse Morning Show; Derrick Jonzun, host of Lost in the 80’s; Michelle Price host of Holy Hit List and Joyful Noyze; Fatman Scoop, host of Full Throttle Radio; Flo Anthony, with Gossip on the Go; Eddie Velez, “The Preachin’ Puerto Rican” host of Holy Hip-Hop and services including A*Town Sound Rhythmic imaging, Ready 2 Go Country imaging, Ready 2 Go CHR imaging and Earl Boston Music Rotation & Time Management and Keeping Up with the Walkers daily health and wellness vignettes.

Superadio has over 1,000 unique radio stations airing its programming across America including many in the top ten radio markets. Superadio, LLC is a division of Access.1 Communications Corporation with offices in New York and Boston. For more information, go to:

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