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We all have moments in our lives when we take a second to look retrospectively at life. Then there are other moments where we take more than just a second to look introspectively at our life. To look introspectively at one’s life is to contemplate on one’s own thoughts, desires, and conduct in life. Some do this through “searching there heart” and others by clearing their mind. The greatest introspection we can ever do is through the lens of the Holy Spirit.

That is what DJ Triple Threat has done on his new project titled “Life Introspection”. On this album, Threat takes a look introspectively at his own life, thoughts, desires, and theology that make him who he is. This album is best described as an “audio journal” from DJ Triple Threat as he expresses his heart and mind on a myriad of subjects.

Life Introspection is a double disc album that appeals to people of every demographic and walk. The album unapologetically shines the light of Christ through Threat’s personal insight and view on a myriad of subjects. From love, to having fun, to unity amongst Christians, and even matters of justice, “Life Introspection” is an album that challenges as well encourages all who will listen.

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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