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Los Angeles – DJ Wade-O and Young Chozen aka Blake Young are set to release a new mixtape on July 27, 2010. After more than 21,000 downloads of his April 2010 mixtape release, “Extra Credit Vol.1” hosted by DJ Sean Blu, Young Chozen aka Blake Young is set to release the second of four summer releases, “100% Jerkin’ Vol.1” featuring all original production by Young Chozen with DJ Wade-O on the CD hosting and mixing. The mixtape can be downloaded by the general audience July 27, 2010 at

“Young Chozen is one of the few people that upon first hearing his music, I said ‘I have to work with this guy’. He’s versatile, yet focused. Talented, yet anointed. Funny, yet serious about doing ministry,” says DJ Wade-O. Originally created strictly for the party streets and Jerk dancers of California, songs from “100% Jerkin’ Vol.1” caught the ear the Wade-O Radio Show.

This completely original mixtape produced in its entirety by Young Chozen aka Blake Young is filled with songs that are sure to keep your head bobbin and party jumpin’ from start to finish. “We were not going to release this mixtape to the world because with Young Chozen being a new artist, we didn’t want him to be labeled as just a jerk artist. We were going to simply do street level promotions in California with this CD, but Wade-O suggested otherwise, and he was right!” states Big Earl of 90K Watts.

With the height and popularity of bright colors, tight pants, dancing in the streets, and the Jerk Music scene in California and now across the nation, 90K Watts and Young Chozen aka Blake Young saw this as an opportunity to introduce many to his artistry. While performing at record label sponsored showcases and other events in the Los Angeles area the attraction and appeal listeners had to his talent, personality, and charismatic nature was all unmatched by the outburst and warm response to who he really is: a missionary seeking to bring a fun and positive outlook to an urban music industry where the focus is everything but that. He is often referred to as a 2010 Will Smith (a la “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”) meets Nick Cannon and Chris Brown by those that have viewed his videos “Get Crazy” and “I Wanna Rock”, songs from the previous release, “Extra Credit Vol.1” (

Speak Life is a term often used by Young Chozen to serve as a reminder not only to him, but to the people around him. It is derived from a biblical passage he lives by which can be found in Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits”. Rap lyrics that speak life and positivity into the youth is a concept that is totally the opposite of what is currently heard on our radio stations. Young Chozen has already begun his promotional campaign outside of California as he prepares for his debut CD release slated for early 2011. For more information on Young Chozen, visit

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