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Album Review: DJ LostNFound “CAESURA II”

Published on August 25, 2022

What's good family!!!! It's your O.G. neophytemuziq with yet another review of some of the latest and greatest in CHH. However, I must start this review with a tribute to a fallen emcee. She wasn't just a powerhouse with the pen…but more importantly to me….she was family.

Badia O'Brien, better known in Christian circles as BADIA, has gone on to be with our Savior in glory. She has blazed mics with Cross Movement and released solo projects like God's Woman and HomeGrown. You can also find more music of hers on Bandcamp. Luckily, her legacy lives on through her son, Elias Jeter a.k.a. Eliyahu Chozenfew. You can find his offerings on Soundcloud and Bandcamp under the moniker Eliyahu Chozenfew. The Bible teaches us that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord so I praise God that she now gets to spit bars in the heavenly cyphas of Heaven. She will be truly missed…..SALUTE.

Now with that being said, on to this week's project from my man DJ LostNFound with his latest offering, CAESURA II.

Now, if you have been checking out my earlier reviews, you know that I gave a taste of this project by giving you the heads up on some of the singles from this project with songs like AUTOPILOT, AVENUE, FOOLISH, RIDE FOR YOU, and WHAT”S THE MOVE. Well, guess what y'all?…… I got FIVE MORE BANGAS plus the SLOW ROLLA OF THE WEEK!!!!! Let's go!!!!!

First up, we have COUNT IT UP featuring Qew, DJLC, and Justcallmedt. This right here is the BOUNCE!!!!! This came close to becoming the SLOW ROLLA OF THE WEEK. Flows, production, and vibes on this one are dope.

Next, we have OOPS featuring Reconcile and Tallysama. This is for all the saints by way of the “hard knock life.” This song is oozing redemption and God's saving grace…..SALUTE.

We also have SEE YOU featuring Keasha and Isiah Smallwood. This is clearly for the married, engaged, or in a serious relationship. This song shows how two people can express their deepest emotions through the lens of the Cross. Much needed in these days of “ex to the next.”

We have BLESSED featuring JP Killed It, Mission, Selah The Corner, and Kelo. This right here gives me those West Coast, low ridah vibes. Smooth, melodic, using the bass to pump this straight into your soul and manifests in your crip walk.

And finally…..last but not least….we have the SLOW ROLLA OF THE WEEK in the form of UNCOMMON FEW. Now before I give the features, let me just remind you guys that this project features 50 artists……50 y'all…so not only does this represent the elite banga but also the depths that DJ LostNFound went to in order to put as many CHH artists in the limelight as humanly possible….literally! LOL.

So here we go!!!!! UNCOMMON FEW features A.I. The Anomaly, i.v. Muzik, Travis Hobbs, AlcottXProphet Link, Outr.cty, and Pastor Charles A.R. Bars are CRAZY, beats are CRAZY HARD, taking me back to my boom bap days. This one right here has straight East coast vibes…..mucho caliente'!!!!!!!

In all, if you don't put this project in your library and bang it in these streets in heavy rotation… its entirety……you are doing the streets, your system, and your ears a disservice. When imploring so many artists for a project, things could definitely fall apart and miss the mark of its intended target, which is to put CHH in the best light possible. Well…..CAESURA II is without question a shining light for CHH as a whole.

There is a bounce on here for everybody, and the ones that might not be your vibe will still have you noddin' ya head to the point of possibly causing whiplash. To Dj LostNFound, kudos to you for boldly going where no producer has gone before. Well done, bro!!!!!!

Well, that does it for me, folks. If you have any comments, questions, concerns, whatever…. hit ya man up at or hit me up on Instagram (@neophytemuziq_amor).

Please remember to support this project, all the artists who worked on it, and all the CHH artists we review. the more you support, the more the Kingdom is repped through this artform we have been called to do.

I'm out and as always…..remember……LOVE IS…WHAT LOVE DOES.
Grace and Peace

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