DLane – I Lean

This is a true Christian hip-hop song. This is a new release from artist DLane. It is part of her album which will be released in 2023. I say this is a true Christian hip-hop song because of how heavy the beats are in this song. The lyrics are absolutely incredible and powerful. DLane has a very smooth flow of delivering them. She doesn’t miss a line. The vocals in the song are incredible and they have that soft, feminine, yet still powerful sound.

This song was released on YouTube in November. While the album is still slated for release this year, viewers can enjoy this song. In fact, many of them already have. The song is about a very powerful message, asking who do we lean on. Do we lean on God or do we lean on other things in the world? D Lane talks about many important messages in this song. The things of this world are only temporary. They are not lasting like God.

We should only be leaning and putting our trust in God because he is the only one who can see us through and the only 1 that can offer us the support that we need to get through life. The things of this world are only temporary and will soon fade when this system comes to an end.

Whether you just enjoy listening to this music or you actually take to heart the lyrics of the song, you are sure to enjoy it.