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Remember DMX? Come on, of course you do. In recent history he’s been in trouble with the law buy his singles dominated the air waves in the late 90’s. Five of his six albums have gone platinum. If you don’t remember it’s likely you were born early to mid 90’s and I’ve just totally dated myself. My favorite tracks were his most spiritually conscious ones like “The Clonvo,” “Angel,” and “Ready to Meet Him.”

Okay let me stop reminiscing, word is that DMX is set to perform in a “Gospel Rap Extravaganza.” For the last eight months DMX (born Earl Simmons) and his family have been attending Morning Star Sanctified Church in Glendale, Arizona. According to TMZ, the performance will take place at Independence High School, as part of a fundraiser for his church this weekend (March 6). Earl Simmons told TMZ, “this is an opportunity for me to use my gifts to benefit a good cause. My music offers hope! God has been good to me.”

Advance tickets for the event are currently on sale for $35. Otherwise, it’s $40 at the door.

For info, you can call 602-323-1440, 623-810-6524, or 602-773-8042.

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