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Do Wedding Rings Really Work? This week on The Nifty Christian Radio Show


This week on the Nifty Christian Radio Show…

  • Nifty and Kay C get into a heated debated about wedding rings
  • Do wedding rings scare away or attract more admirers?
  • Nifty says they attract more…
  • Kay C says they scare them away…
  • Who do you agree with? Find out who wins this heated debate


Dietrick Hadden – Where You Are
Canton Jones – G.O.D.
Willie Will – Let it Go
Mark J – Dating or Married
Cash Hollister – More than a Woman
Joy Creed – Press Along
Courtney Stone – This World
Fresh I.E. – Swagger
Die-Rek – Word
Sizzle – Sayin’ Somethin’
Just Thoughtz – What Else
Realest Ghost – Daddy’s Love
Tyshan Knight – One Touch

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