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Whats good fam..the next show is getting ready to go up…Its going to be BANGIN>>>>you know this. Heres whats good.

D.J. Morph and I chop it up about everything..this isn’t your everyday run of the mill interview. We talk about his new album, of course, but we also talk about what made him want to D.J. and how it was to get signed…Morph also gave me a Spanish lesson (Don’t Hate!). I also want to introduce a new person on the show…(as you know from the first show)..I was the only personality..but my man Yung Hayte is going to be on the show giving me updates on whats really good. Hit me up if you want to hear anything in particular..Ill send it over to the DJ’s.

On a side note..Trig from Corelink and I chop it up on Madden 09 quite a bit on the XBOX 360 all the time…I’m going to give you an update on the scores as time goes on..for the record..K-Drama is scared to play Doc..just for the record. I guess he Air Jordan me on that.

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