Don Jay Live: From Poetry to Rap, Unveiling a Unique Sound

On this episode of Da Fixx we welcome Christian Hip Hop artist, Don Jay Live, and he’s opening up about his music career, his background, journey into rap, and the inspiration behind his EPs. He also discusses the importance of faithfulness, family, mental health, and collaboration in his music. In our real talk topic we discussing the influence of mainstream sounds on Christian hip hop and the need for unity within the community.

Memorial Day Weekend Plans and Honoring Veterans

Memorial Day is a time to reflect and show love. Dice and I shared our plans for the holiday, which included grubbing on some bomb food and hitting up events. I even cracked a joke about wanting to get fit for an upcoming shindig, not wanting any love handles in my side pics. Dice admitted to only having half an ab showing and was hyped about the event. We both agreed that it’s all in God’s hands.

We also took a moment to honor and shout out the veterans for their service. Memorial Day is a big deal, a day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We shared personal stories about our fam members who served in the army and navy, showing mad love and gratitude for their service.

Introducing Our Guest

Our special guest this episode was Don Ja Live, a Christian hip hop artist signed to Forgiving Music. He shared his background, mentioning that he started out doing poetry and spoken word in college. He talked about his journey into rap and how he’s been sitting on his unique sound for years. He gave props to Kieran the Light, the founder of Forgiving Music, for having his back and pushing him to share his music.

Don Jay Live’s Musical Journey and Spiritual Regimen

Don Jay Live reflected on his journey as a musician and his struggle with staying faithful to his music. He admitted to overthinking and questioning his calling, but recognized that he needs to be more active and not passive in pursuing his musical talents. He mentioned that he’s got a ton of unreleased music and is currently focused on being faithful to God with his music.

He also talked about his spiritual regimen and how he’s been involved in ministry, even setting up a Bible study on campus. He shared that he’s been walking with the Lord for many years and feels called to teaching, prophecy, and evangelism. He believes that staying focused on his spiritual life helps him in his music career.

The Importance of Family and Mental Health

Don Jay Live stressed the importance of family, sharing that his wife and kids are his top priority. He believes that having a strong community is crucial in supporting and strengthening marriages. He also mentioned that he’s been hitting the gym, believing in the balance between spiritual and physical health.

The Influence of Mainstream Sounds on CHH and Gospel Rap

Dice and I chopped it up about the influence of mainstream sounds on Christian hip hop. We mentioned that in the past, Christian hip hop was heavily influenced by mainstream music, but now they’re flipping those sounds in a fresh and new way. We also talked about how Christian artists are getting recognition from mainstream artists and the need for unity within the Christian hip hop community.

Don Jay Live jumped in and talked about the sync placements for different artists and the opportunities that are opening up for Christian hip hop in the mainstream. He mentioned that he’s interested in getting into sync placements too.

Staying Relevant and Staying True

We discussed the importance of staying relevant and staying true to yourself instead of just following trends. We shared our own experiences and how we had to break free from negative thinking and destructive lifestyles. We emphasized the need to hear God’s voice and address and eliminate negative thoughts.

Favorite Games and Dishes

We also had a blast talking about our favorite games to play, like Monopoly and Catchphrase, and our favorite dishes to cook and devour. We both expressed our love for holidays, especially ones that involve grub.


This episode was a dope mix of reflection, gratitude, and celebration. We hope you vibed with it as much as we did. Don Jay Live’s music is available on all platforms. Are you an artist? Or do you know someone who is? Visit the Holy Culture artist resource page for information on how to submit to radio and tips on navigating the music industry. Until next time, God Bless.

Don Jay Live: From Poetry to Rap, Unveiling a Unique Sound


Memorial Day Weekend [00:00:36] The hosts discuss their Memorial Day weekend plans and the food they cooked.

Preparing for the Red Carpet [00:00:59] DJ Focus talks about wanting to get in shape before walking the red carpet and mentions his desire to get rid of his “muffin top”.

Guest Introduction [00:04:26] The Forgiven Music artist discusses his unique music that people are not talking about.

The importance of faithfulness in music [00:08:09] The rapper reflects on his journey in music and questions his faithfulness to God in his music career.

The role of community in marriage and relationships [00:12:52] Discussion on the importance of community in supporting and strengthening marriages and relationships.

Balancing mental health with family and artistry [00:15:10] Strategies for maintaining mental health while balancing family life and pursuing his artistic goals.

The importance of community and social media [00:15:58] Discussion on the significance of being part of a local church community and the need to limit social media usage.

Music career [00:16:45] Discussion about being signed to Forgiven Music, and his music career and recent releases.

Inspiration behind EPs [00:17:25] Discussion about the inspiration and themes behind his two EPs, including the songs “I See” and “9 to 5”.

Influence of mainstream sounds in Christian hip hop [00:24:36] Discussion about how Christian hip hop artists are incorporating mainstream sounds into their music in a fresh and new way.

Lack of unity and cliques in Christian hip hop [00:26:08] Exploration of the lack of unity and cliquishness within the Christian hip hop community, and the origins of hip hop culture.

Origins and foundations of hip hop and Christian hip hop [00:27:55] Conversation about the origins of hip hop and how Christian hip hop fits into the broader hip hop culture, as well as the tension between competitiveness and unity within the Christian hip hop community.

Memorial Day and Military Branch Rivalry [00:33:36] Discussion about Memorial Day, military families, and friendly competition between different branches of the military.

Honoring Fallen Soldiers and the Origin of Memorial Day [00:36:36] Recognition of the importance of Memorial Day, the number of soldiers who died during the Civil War, and the origin of Memorial Day as a way to honor fallen soldiers.

Mental Bondage and Celebrating Spiritual Anniversaries [00:38:49] Exploration of mental bondage, the importance of celebrating spiritual anniversaries, and the significance of knowing the date when one dedicated their life to Christ.

Creating a New Norm [00:44:30] Discussion on the importance of setting a new normal and breaking free from negative thinking and destructive habits.

Breaking the Cycle of Negative Thoughts [00:48:05] Exploration of how negative thoughts can become a prison in the mind and the need to fight against them to avoid being controlled by them.

Fun and Festivities on Memorial Day [00:51:12] Conversation about the enjoyment of family gatherings and favorite board games to play during holiday celebrations.

Monopoly and Catchphrase [00:51:51] Discussion about playing Monopoly and the game Catchphrase, and the difference in enjoyment between the two.

Card Games and Trash Talk [00:52:50] Talking about playing card games like spades and tonk, and the intense trash talk that happens during these games.

Favorite Dishes and Memorial Day [00:54:51] Sharing favorite dishes to make or eat on Memorial Day, including chicken and dumplings and mac and cheese with greens.