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Doubting Thomas is Back!

Published on February 5, 2010

I’m gearing up to restart my contributions to the illspot/ media outlet. Please remember I have a serious passion to see this art form thrive but between greedy businessman and pharasitical hypocrites lies a group of people who just love the art form because it glorifies Christ and it gives us something great to listen to and be inspired to do good. We spend our hard earned money to buy this music because we see value but if the value diminishes so does the art form. We can’t get lazy with our production and presentation. I’m no pragmatist but by the positive response of the support emails I’ve received, I confidently can say I speak for a large amount of people in this industry. I’ve work very closely with a lot of people in this industry across the country I’ve seen questionable business transactions first hand so I know nothing is off the table when it comes to the corruption in any man made industry, Christian or Non-Christian. I’ve also witness blackball attempts disguised as theological differences and jealous division. But I’ve also witness God use this to inspire a generation of his people to live holy for his glory. This music just serves as a great alternative to what the world wants to offer you. Christian Hip Hop is another American luxury like indoor heat, it’s not needed but it’s appreciated. I receive new music from the secular industry weekly so trust me when I tell you it’s refreshing to hear good quality Christian hip hop. Let’s just make more of it and cut down the lying to one another about how good something is when you know it’s not. A special thanks to Anonymous and Ben “Godside” Lippens for their hard work at illspot/http://www.http:// and for giving me a bigger platform to speak.

– DT
For additional info visit: Doubting Thomas

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