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Free Download: God’s Elect “Single Fathers” featuring Doneta Dawson

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God’s Elect was born Preston Addo to the sinful streets of our Nation’s Capital, where adversity confronted him at every one of life’s corners.  Tempted by the illusionary fame and fortune of D.C.’s illegal underworld, God’s Elect ceded to the city’s drug culture; which subsequently resulted in his incarceration.   While society may have confined Elect’s physical being; his spirit man was freed after accepting Christ.

Elect’s thirst for Christ would come amidst a dream that he was unable to interpret and therefore sought counsel for.  This would lead to his Jacob experience wherein Preston Addo would transform into “God’s Elect.”

Elect was introduced to an eclectic genre of music, which inspired his passion for the art.  He amassed his musical influences to create his own unique style of hip-hop and music performances for school talent shows and other performances for family and friends.  However, now that Elect was reborn, he wanted to use his musical gift on behalf of the one friend who entrusted him with it – GOD!

Although the merging of music with God’s message didn’t come until later in Elect’s life, it proved to be what saved him.  So now, God’s Elect wants to return the favor by using that same gift to save others.

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