Elevating Gospel Music: David Michael Wyatt’s Journey to Success

We are excited to share with you some of the insights and lessons from our recent episode of Da Fixx with special guest singer, song-writer David Michael Wyatt. We had an eye-opening conversation about the gospel music industry, faith, and personal growth.

The Importance of Protecting One’s Spirit

We discuss the importance of protecting one’s spirit and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals. We also discussed the need to unfollow people on social media whose content does not align with our beliefs and goals. Being intentional about the people we interact with and the content we consume is crucial for personal growth and success.

Winning and Achieving Success

Our topic of the day was about winning and how to achieve success. We were joined by David Michael Wyatt, a renowned artist in the urban gospel genre, to discuss the concept of a spiritual detox and how it can contribute to personal wins.

Faith-Based Artists in the Madden 2024 Soundtrack

We also discussed the recent sync placements of faith-based artists in the Madden 2024 soundtrack. Artists like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Toby, and NF made the list. We expressed our excitement about the exposure and financial benefits that come with sync placements and emphasized the importance of knowing your value as an artist.

David Michael Wyatt: A Light in Dark Spaces

David Michael Wyatt, a singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas, shared his faith journey and how he incorporates his faith when interacting with mainstream artists. He sees himself as a light in dark spaces and believes that his gift is meant to be shared with people who may not be exposed to gospel music.

The Church and Its Role in Elevating Individuals

We discussed the church and its role in elevating individuals who may not be ready for leadership positions. Dice emphasized the importance of trusting in the power of God within oneself and maintaining a firm foundation in faith.

The Sonic Quality of Gospel Music

We further discussed the sonic quality of gospel music compared to mainstream music. David described his musical style as smooth, with a touch of velvet. He believes that his voice is a gift from God that creates an atmosphere for healing and the presence of God outside of the church walls.

Collaboration, Personal Growth, and Integrity in the Pursuit of Success

We touched on the topic of collaboration, personal growth, and integrity in the pursuit of success. We emphasized the importance of giving your best, preparing for success, learning from losses, and maintaining integrity.

Fair Business Practices in the Music Industry

We discussed the music industry and the importance of fair business practices. We mentioned the shady deals that artists have faced in the past, such as the 360 deals, and emphasized the need for artists to be aware of the rules of the game and to negotiate fair deals.

Winning in Different Aspects of Life

We also talked about the concept of winning and how it applies to different aspects of life, including relationships, careers, and spirituality. We encouraged listeners to reflect on their wins and to have a winning mentality, even in the face of challenges.

The Concept of Winning and Its Different Forms

We discussed the concept of winning and how it can look different for each person. We emphasized the importance of sharing our testimonies and how we have been redeemed and set free by God. We encouraged listeners to celebrate others’ wins and trust that God has a unique plan for each person.

The Conversation Between Dee-1 and Lecrae

We discussed a recent conversation between two Christian hip-hop artists, Dee-1 and Lecrae, about whether it’s possible to be “ratchet” and righteous at the same time. We shared our opinions on the topic and emphasized the importance of being careful about what influences we allow into our lives.

We want to encourage all of you to continue fighting the good fight of faith and counting your wins, both big and small. Remember to maintain your integrity, represent your faith positively, and let your transformed lives be a testimony to others.

To connect with David Michael Wyatt and stream his music, visit his Link Tree. If you are an artist or know someone who is, visit the Holy Culture artist resources page to learn how to submit music and tips on navigating the music industry.

Elevating Gospel Music; David Michael's Journey to Success


The hymn battle [00:00:52] Discussion about the tradition of hymn singing in church services and the powerful singing of church mothers.

Reading and personal growth [00:03:45] Discussion on the importance of reading and personal growth, including reading leadership and stewardship books.

Deleting numbers and protecting one’s spirit [00:04:25] Discussion about the practice of deleting unnecessary phone numbers and being intentional about who they let into their lives for spiritual protection.

The importance of sync placement [00:08:56] Discussion about faith-based artists making the Madden 2024 soundtrack and the power of sync placement.

David Michael Wyatt’s faith journey [00:12:33] David Michael Wyatt shares his journey growing up in church and his early experiences with singing.

Being a light in dark spaces [00:16:06] The importance of being a light in secular spaces and using one’s faith to build relationships and spread the gospel.

**The church needs to be better at elevating those who are not ready [00:17:08]**Discussion on the need for the church to not elevate individuals who are not ready for leadership positions.

David Michael Wyatt’s musical style and purpose [00:18:05] Wyatt describes his musical style as smooth and discusses how his voice is a gift from God that creates an atmosphere for healing and the presence of God.

The challenges faced by gospel music artists [00:20:40] Wyatt talks about the gatekeepers in gospel music who have not allowed younger generations to freely express their creativity and how the rise of social media has provided more opportunities for artists.

The collabs [00:26:04] Discussion about upcoming collaborations and potential surprise collaborations in the music industry.

Competing for souls or money? [00:27:15] Debate on whether the focus should be on winning souls or making money in the music industry.

The definition of winning [00:31:18] Exploration of the concept of winning and how it can be defined in various aspects of life.

The 360 deals and bad business practices [00:34:58] Discussion about record labels taking advantage of artists with unfair deals and capitalizing off their talent.

Knowing the rules of the game [00:36:14] Importance of understanding the rules of the game to succeed, using talent alone is not enough.

Having a winning attitude [00:38:14] Encouragement to count wins, trust in God, and maintain a winning mentality to overcome challenges.

The winning conversation [00:44:34] Discussion about winning souls, shining one’s light, and sharing testimonies of faith.

Counting wins and understanding blessings [00:45:31] Exploring the importance of celebrating others’ wins, understanding that blessings may look different for each person, and trusting in God’s plan.

The attitude of winning [00:50:25] Emphasizing the importance of counting wins, celebrating small and big victories, and staying motivated to keep pushing forward.

The importance of righteousness [00:53:23] Discussion on the different opinions on what is considered righteous and ratchet based on personal beliefs and faith.

The need for thirsting for the Lord’s righteousness [00:54:23] Conversation on the importance of seeking the Lord and His righteousness, acknowledging that everyone is a work in progress.

The coexistence of different perspectives [00:56:18] Discussion on how different individuals and brands can coexist despite having different opinions on righteousness and ratchetness.