The Christian rapper who turned his life around is making a difference. That would be Vi-Zion (vision). What do we know about this amazing musical star? Vi-Zion is a talented Afrobeat singer. His main focus is Christian music. While his songs are wildly popular and continue many important lessons about Christian living, it’s not so much the music that we want to focus on.

It’s the life of this individual. How far did he go before God turned him around and molded him into the prophetic example we see today? In order to answer those questions you might want to consider his life story. A closer look at this contains all the information we need.

For starters, Vi-Zion is actually 35-year-old Aquil Phillip. Brooklyn-born and Florida-raised, he has overcome his share of hardships since his childhood. His father was murdered while Vi-zion was at an early age leaving him without wisdom and guidance. Harboring anger and resentment over this, youth and adolescence saw him spiral down a path that ranged from picking fights to robbing, gambling stealing, and eventually murder.

Vi-Zion has recounted that night when he was 18 and he murdered his own friend in a robbery gone wrong. This was the event that would land him in jail. It was also in jail that he would find his salvation. During the times his mother would visit him, they’d pray together. It can only be described as an intercession of prayer from his mother that led him on the path to God.

Not only was he transformed, but God also began working miracles. His life sentence and charges were reduced. He only spent 15 years in jail. Since his release in 2019, he’s used his calling in music and songwriting to not only share the Gospel but lead people on this transforming path to God.