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Emanuel addresses ageism in CHH and joins us live this Thursday at 4 PM EST to discuss

Ageism has long since plagued hip hop, and despite the good Samaritan nature of CHH, it was not immune to the scrutiny.  Most artists were expected to get in young and get out before hitting their mid-thirties.  But then something wonderful happened.  The emergence of the “throwback” radio station! 

Over the past 15 years or so, “Old School” hip hop stations began popping up all over the country.  And the industry took notice.  Hip Hop finally broke thru that glass ceiling!  And now CHH is doing the same.

This Friday, Emanuel is releasing his 12th album.  Appropriately titled Emanuel (God with us).  After announcing the retirement of Da T.R.U.T.H. moniker, the veteran CHH rapper is embracing this new chapter in his life.  One that comes with both age and experience. 

The self-proclaimed middle child of Christian Hip Hop does not shy away from being just that.  Middle children often get a bad rap, but the truth (no pun intended) is that being a middle child is a blessing.  You are a bridge, reaching across multiple generations.  You’re baptized by the pioneers (the elders) and disciple the new school (the youth).   

Emanuel does just that. Learning under the tutelage of the groundbreaking Cross Movement and inspiring the likes of Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, KB, and Flame, proving that with age comes wisdom when you stay submitted to God.  Just ask Limoblaze, who was recently mentored by Emanuel’s agency NXT and is now signed to CHH powerhouse Reach Records. 

As Hip Hop prepares to turn 50, it’s no longer just a young person’s game.  It’s no different for CHH, which is why Emanuel was intentional in choosing artwork that reflected maturity, including live instrumentation on the album and collaborating with gospel legends Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond, and Kim Burrell. 

Gray Hairs is not just a song title; it’s something to be celebrated.  Each hair, like each year, is a blessing.  The life that God gives us is ours to give back to him through our works; no matter the industry. 

Set The Bar is more than a bop; it’s a declaration of acceptance of the totality of a person.  This was me then.  This is me now.  New vision, same conviction.  And that’s growth. 

Emanuel is proving that ageism is not something that should make us anxious but appreciative. Celebrating 20 years in CHH, and a new position as an executive, the Philly gentleman is proof that not only is there life after 40, but that life can actually get better after 40. 

Join Holy Culture this Thursday at 4 pm est. for a special Emanuel Takeover on The Corelink Solution Show with James Rosseau Sr., AKA Trig, as we go live to talk about the new album, ageism, and more.  Only on Sirius XM Channel 154

If you have a question you’d like to ask Emanuel, tweet it to Holy Culture.  We’ll be checking in throughout the broadcast. And don’t forget to hit the notification button to stay tapped in and up to date on everything, CHH! 


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August 19, 2019
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