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Emanuel is the truth; life gets better after 40!

James Rosseau Sr., A.K.A. Trig, and Emanuel sat down together for an exclusive listening party of his self-titled album, three years in the making, released last Friday.  Featuring the lead singles Nights in Atlanta, Set the Bar, and Gray Hairs, he is giving his fans his long-awaited 13th album. 

Quoting veteran music lawyer and author Donald Passman, Trig says of the new record, “All the superstars I’ve known have a clear vision of who they are and what their music is.  And I really feel like this is that when you listen to this project.” 

His goal with this self-titled album is to expand the sound of Christian Hip Hop Emanuel explains, “As amazing as it is, I think it’s a bit pigeonholed sonically. I think we live in sonic echo chambers.  I just like to always agitate things a little bit and I think this album does that.” One of his biggest records to date, he enjoyed bringing a few of his friends along for the ride to collaborate.  “This is a sonic journey through my entire career.”

“The whole concept is about God being with us,” Emanuel says; which is why he titled the album after his given name.  It’s about evolution and self-awareness; which are essential to our journey and our walk with Jesus.  “I’m shedding one thing and kind of embracing another.  I’m shedding one aspect of who I am.  And wrapping my arms around this new me.”  He goes on to say, “I am who I’ve always been fundamentally.  But at the same time, there are certain details of my life that changed.”    

Have you ever experienced remorse in your life?  Over something you didn’t do?  Grief is one of many complex themes Emanuel explores on this project.  Opening up about losing a loved one to suicide, Emanuel shares his experience with regret.  “I used to literally look in the mirror and I used to rehearse a conversation with him about the Lord…then one day I got the call letting me know he had taken his life…I’ve lived with that regret for some years…never took the time to really engage him and have the conversation that could have changed his life.”

When discussing the “I set the pace, I set the bar.  Know where you been, know where you are” line from Set the Bar, he says it speaks of his metamorphosis from Da T.R.U.T.H. to Emanuel.  “I think it’s understanding seasons and times.  I think that’s critically important.”   

Emanuel is the truth; proving there is life after 40!

When Trig asks him about Gray Hairs; he shares how he defies ageism, “Let’s stay vibrant.  At the same time let’s not try to stay young.  Staying youthful is not the same as staying young.  One has to do with spirit.” Emanuel explains.   

Produced over the course of three years, Emanuel details how the album came together.  “One of the muscles I wanted to flex with this album was my pen.  My songwriting pen.  So, all the songs you’re hearing, the choruses the melody lines, whether it’s Donte Bowe, Maranda Curtis, Kim Burrell, Fred Hammond, I wrote those.” He’s not just a rapper, “I’m a songwriter, have been for many years.”

Not only is Emanuel a songwriter, producer, and musician, but he also does A & R with his company NXT.  Helping artists develop their brands and guiding them along their career paths, he plays multiple roles in the industry.  Under his mentorship, Limoblaze was recently signed to the legendary Reach Records, proving that Emanuel is business savvy and will continue to be an influence on the next generation of up-and-coming artists.  

Emanuel protégé Limoblaze was recently signed to Reach Records thru his company NXT.
Emanuel protégé Limoblaze

“I know we’re in a single society.  But you gotta listen to it from top to bottom.  You do yourself a disservice if you don’t listen to it from top to bottom.”  Trig says of the album.  If you haven’t already, download the album on all platforms.    

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