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kanyetaylorswiftA major part of the confusing pieces of grief is emotional transparency; if someone is in a grief situation yet not emotionally transparent with God or with a support group or friend, other parts of life will be effected.  Case in point:  “Kanye West crashes VMA’s and Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.” If you didn’t catch his Jay Leno apology click here to view it:


Clearly, Kanye is still shook by his mother’s death, and clearly he is aware that he needs some time to properly grieve. Grief is something that needs time and attention, otherwise it WILL find its way to subtly creep up into your everyday life.  There are a variety of ways to embrace grief, but the most common and suggested piece is to open up emotionally with the Lord and with a group, friends, or family.  If that means to cry your eyes out for 2 weeks, then that MUST happen.

Just watching Kanye speechless when Leno asked about his mother’s reaction, really hit home because I can relate to his pain.  He was quite composed when put on the spot, but it’s still a tough road ahead of him if he doesn’t address it.

Please, pray for Kanye that he can build and grieve with people who genuinely care about him as a person and not him as a paycheck!

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