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ETBU Grad and Holy Culture – Dropping The Gospel Into Friends, Family, Even Strangers

Published on July 27, 2011

Let me tell you one of the coolest things about Jesus’ ministry when he was here on earth in the flesh:  he used parables to teach and spread the Gospel.

For us in good ol 2011, using parables or stories to teach a truth is pretty common.  So the first sentence of this blog may not be so “wow.”

But the truth is that when Jesus began his earthly ministry, telling stories to explain things was brand new – fresh – never done before – the very cutting edge.  And as a result of that cutting-edge way of teaching, thousands understood and believed.

When Jesus innovated, souls were saved.

Recent ETBU graduate, Ben Lippens (’07) can tell you all about it.

Ben and have been steadily working to complete a tool focused on evangelism.  Holy Culture provides media for the general consumer, tools and resources for artists and serves as an advocate for the Christian Hip-Hop music genre. The tool, known as the Holy Culture DROP CD, is a free CD which allows viewers to download the full length project at the Holy Culture website. Viewers can then burn the tracks onto a CD and “drop” it into the hands of friends, family or a complete stranger. This sole purpose of the DROP CD is to spread the gospel of Jesus the Christ, using music as a vehicle.

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Lippens notes, “The Drop CD is a simple tool and should not seek to replace the most effective form of evangelism: sincerity and love.”

The DROP CD will feature seventeen tracks, including an introduction track and a Call to Salvation track lead by Pastor Tommy Kyllonen of the Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida.  The digital version of the DROP CD will be released on August 2, 2011 at the Holy Culture website.

Holy Culture expects this CD to be distributed digitally and physically to over 100,000 recipients.

Ben lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife Angela (’05) with their son Nathan and Isaac, who is due August 6, 2011.

We are immensely proud of Ben and his work with Holy Culture.  Be sure to visit the Holy Culture site here to learn more and on August 2nd to get the Drop CD.

Way to go Ben!  GO BLUE!!

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