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Excelsius – Liberation

Excelsius - Liberation

Excelsius - Liberation

Daily the scene is set. Everyday mankind experiences the entrapment of being enslaved in sin. Whether it’s the executive caught in embezzlement or the gang plotting a drive-by, the slavery to sin is destructive and pervasive. Locked in a world deception, betrayal and scandal, society experiences the effects of sin to only fail in recognizing its fallen condition. For those who do see the effects of sin, in themselves and the world around them, they may desire to experience freedom or liberty from the sinfulness that has taken them.

It’s this condition of the world that veteran Excelsius seeks to address by proclaiming freedom in Christ from the enslavement of sin and the wrath of God. Excelsius’s new album Liberation is bent on speaking not only liberty from the ill effects of sin, but to know the liberator, Christ Jesus.

Liberation is a portfolio of great music that follows its self-entitled theme very well. From the start of the album Excelsius calls upon the Lord for His power in demonstration of his own dependence on Christ. As one who has been delivered from the bondage of sin himself, Excelsius displays fruit for God by pouring himself into this project in order for the Glory of God to be proclaimed and that others may also experience the liberating grace of God.

Liberation confronts various topics that address the many aspects of being free in Christ. From heeding God’s Call as heard in “Pick up the Phone” to recognizing God’s grace in “Grace that Reigns”, Excelsius correctly points to the Savior as the only liberator for men. Excelsius also calls for Christians to not hide but boldly share their faith as well as their life with a sinful world in “Out of the Closet”. One of the most important tracks on this album is “The Word” where Excelsius spits regarding the authority of scripture. Not only is this a hot track, the content of this song is of such importance that I was delighted to see Excelsius give time to teach the sufficiency of scripture! This is my favorite track!

Liberation is a well-produced project. The beat selection is enjoyable and it has a surprisingly slight east coast sound as heard in “I had a dream last night” and “The Word”. The project isn’t one sided in sound however, with dance track “Lead Out” and the dirty south banger “3rd Coast Cypha” ft. DJ D-Lite, Liberation is full of hot joints. “3rd Coast Cypha” is another stand out track where guest emcees Big Nate, Gifter, Proof, Jacob Izrael, 1God and Cy performed wonderfully. With production credits of Mac the Doulos, B for 4SightSounds, muzeOne, Knine and others, Liberation made it easy to enjoy the quality of the beats and the overall sound of the album. Lyrically, Excelsius has grown with this project. His delivery is more timely and fluid. His rhyme schemes more complicated and rapid fire. His growth as an emcee is evident.

For a world lost in sin and without hope in Christ, Liberation is a Gospel proclaiming, Christ-Exulting project. Excelsius has accurately placed the liberation of people in the hope of Christ Jesus. I highly advise anyone to add Liberation to his or her collection of music. One will be pleased to have another resource to proclaim the Gospel so that the lost may “Be Set Free” by the blood of Christ!

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