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Excelsius – Blinded by the Light

Lead Chaplain for the Houston Rockets releases part 2 of new project entitled This Side of Heaven, Continued…

Houston, TX – Joined at the Hip Ministries has released Excelsius’ newest offering to the ever-changing landscape of Christian art: This Side of Heaven, Continued. In this latest project, Ex marks his return to the microphone after an extended hiatus and captures elements of what it means to face real-life by living for God in a broken world. Listeners are given a front-row seat to his knack for unearthing the tensions of the human condition through song.

This project is Ex’s most expressive work to date, presenting listeners with an alchemy of God-exalting, biblically accurate, culturally appropriate hip-hop. Saturated with a consistent theme of yearning for a home beyond the world we know and the difficult journey we face to get there, This Side of Heaven, Continued articulates emotion that captures equal parts nostalgia and sadness, all the while bolstering it with a sense of hope. Part I of the album details the familiar pulse of everyday experiences in a unique and celebratory way. Part II of the album presents lyrical truths that only years of mining the soul can uncover.

Birthed organically in the streets of Dallas and matured by his worldwide travels through several short-term mission trips, Ex’s music exemplifies classic God-honoring hip-hop. Thought-provoking concepts layered over real-world realities provide the ultimate backdrop for spiritually-informed songs shared through a biblical worldview.

Excelsius serves as campus pastor for the Sienna campus of Houston’s First Baptist Church and also serves as the lead chaplain for the NBA’s Houston Rockets.

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