Exploring Faith, Music, and Motherhood with the Courageous Shameia Crawford

On this episode of Da Fixx our guest, Shameia Crawford, a multi-talented writer, producer, singer, and mother joins us for a thoughtful conversation about her music journey, parenthood and more. In our real talk segment, we’re talking Independence Day and celebrating tradition.

A Spiritual Detox with Shameia Crawford

In our spiritual detox segment with Shameia Crawford, we talked about her faith journey, her struggles with anxiety and fear, and how she manages her mental health. She shared that sweating, whether through exercise or being outside in the heat, has been helpful for her. She also listens to motivational speeches and sermons to stay focused and positive.

Shameia Crawford: A Creative and a Mother

We were amazed by Shameia’s ability to balance her roles as a creative and a mother. We talked about her jingle business and some of the exciting opportunities she has had in her career, including her Amazon jingle becoming popular and a producer sampling her voice for a track.

Celebrating Motherhood through Music

Shameia also talked about her musical stage play called “Mom’s Musical” that debuted in 2018. The play explores motherhood and brings together women who have taken on this journey. She also mentioned her upcoming comedy special and encouraged listeners to follow her on Instagram and check out her music.

Food, Family, and Freedom

In our real talk conversation, we discussed our favorite foods to eat on the 4th of July, from grilling to homemade cakes. We also talked about our favorite dishes to cook, including burgers, ribs, mac and cheese, greens, and banana pudding. And the importance of celebrating independence and freedom responsibly and expressed our love for our country.

The Power of Music and Games

We had a little fun talking about the Independence Day soundtrack. What music do you play during your 4th of July celebrations? We shared some of our favorite old school hits from the 70s. We also talked about the competitiveness and fun of playing games like spades and backgammon with our families during the holiday. You know how we do it.

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Shameia Crawford singing - Faith Music and Motherhood


Preparing for the 4th of July [00:00:21] Discussion about preparing for the 4th of July holiday, including cleaning the grill and stocking up on food.

Introducing Shameia Crawford [00:02:43] The hosts introduce their guest, Shameia Crawford, and talk about her talents and upcoming projects.

Shameia Crawford’s faith journey [00:06:23] Shameia shares her faith journey, growing up in a Baptist pastor’s family and her personal relationship with God.

Managing Mental Health [00:10:48] The speakers discuss ways to manage mental health, including physical activity, motivational speeches, and disconnecting from negative influences.

Becoming Fearless [00:13:28] Shameia talks about how becoming a mother has made her more fearless and willing to take on challenges.

Discovering Writing Talent [00:18:26] Shameia shares her experience of discovering her talent for writing during college and receiving positive feedback from a play she wrote and performed in.

The jingle that went viral [00:21:15] Shameia talks about how her viral jingle led to unexpected opportunities and collaborations.

Universal reaching out for clearance [00:22:29] Shameia shares how a producer sampled her jingle and how Universal Music Group reached out to get clearance for using her voice on a track.

Working on a comedy special [00:28:22] Shameia reveals that she is working on a comedy special and holding out on posting skits online as part of a bigger project.

The 4th of July and food [00:31:57] Discussion about the enjoyment of food during the 4th of July holiday, including grilling, family gatherings, and favorite dishes.

Burgers with cheese inside [00:33:21] Describing the unique and delicious burgers made by Uncle Roosevelt, with cheese inside the burger patty.

Favorite cakes for the 4th of July [00:37:54] Conversation about favorite cake flavors, including red velvet and wedding cake, and the love for homemade cakes made from scratch.

The 4th of July traditions [00:40:33] Discussion about favorite dishes for 4th of July, including ribs, mac and cheese, and greens.

Importance of the 4th of July [00:42:49] Exploration of the significance of the 4th of July as a celebration of independence and freedom in America.

Family games and traditions [00:46:40] Conversation about playing card games, such as spades and bid whist, and the competitive and trash-talking nature of the games.

The 4th of July and Old School Music [00:51:06] Discussion about the importance of playing old school music on the 4th of July and how it is a cultural tradition.

Shameia Crawford’s Story [00:54:11] Shameia Crawford’s journey as an artist, her viral video about her addiction to Amazon, and the importance of being authentic.

Firework Safety [00:55:59] Reminder to be safe and responsible with fireworks, sharing personal experiences and emphasizing the need to supervise children.