Faith and Soul: Lena Byrd Miles’ Rise in the Music Industry

On this episode of Da Fixx, we have the pleasure of hosting our guest, Lena Byrd Miles, as we delve into various topics including faith, music, and her journey in the music industry.

A Reminder of Your Value and Purpose

Before we dive into our conversation with Lena, we want to remind you all of your value and purpose. Strengthen your relationship with God and find inspiration in Matthew 10:31. In other news, congratulations to the Denver Nuggets on winning their first NBA championship! The performances of Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray were truly commendable.

The Faith Journey of Lena Byrd Miles

When asked about what has kept her grounded and prepared for opportunities in her music career, Lena emphasized the importance of readiness over anxiety, as the Bible tells us to be anxious for nothing. Her journey in music, such as touring with gospel legend Edwin Hawkins and singing solos at revivals, prepared her without her realizing it. She credits her faith in God, supportive spouse, parents, and family for keeping her grounded.

The Creative Process and Inspiration

Lena shared her creative process and inspiration behind her latest album. She mentioned that song ideas often come to her unexpectedly, like when she’s in the grocery store or driving in her car. Despite the challenges of working on her album during the pandemic, she feels proud of her first body of work released on her own.

Collaborations and Future Plans

Lena’s collaborations with other artists have been mind-blowing experiences, especially doing background vocals with Stevie Wonder. She expressed her excitement about going on tour with her labelmate, Erica Campbell, starting off in seven cities on the East Coast. As for new music, Lena hinted at the possibility of releasing something in the future.

The Importance of Rest and Vacation

In our real talk segment, we discuss vacations and the importance of rest. We discussed our desire to visit Paris, Hawaii, and Mexico, and the need to research and choose safe places to travel. We also highlighted the attractions in Chicago, such as architectural tours and deep-dish pizza. We concluded by emphasizing the importance of being prepared for a vacation, including bringing bug spray, comfortable shoes, socks, a water bottle, and snacks.

Practical Tips for Traveling

We suggested bringing granola bars for a quick snack, your own soap and towels, a long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt for cooler evenings, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, extra chargers, a passport, and plastic bags for wet clothes. We also mentioned the convenience of mailing back purchased items instead of checking extra bags. We concluded by reminding listeners to be safe and responsible, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed our conversation on vacations and found the practical tips and destination suggestions helpful. I want to praise Lena Byrd Miles, a talented musician, singer, and songwriter. Her latest project, “Brand New,” is inspirational and capable of putting listeners in a place of worship. She is also nominated for Best New Artist at the upcoming Stellar Awards.

Are you an artist? Or do you know someone who is? Visit the Holy Culture Artist Resource Page for information on submitting music to radio and tips on navigating the music industry. Thank you for tuning into Da Fixx. And until next time God bless.

Lena Byrd Miles Faith and Soul


Lena’s Faith Journey [00:07:00] Lena Byrd Miles talks about her faith journey, starting from singing in church at a young age to her current music career.

Meeting Erica and Warryn Campbell [00:08:55] Lena shares how she met Erica and Warryn Campbell through social media and how they signed her to their label.

Divine Random Moments in Lena’s Journey [00:10:03] Lena describes her journey as filled with divine random moments where she found herself in the right place at the right time, guided by God.

Keeping Grounded in Faith [00:11:02] Lena discusses how her faith in God and her devotion to Him keeps her grounded in her music career.

Challenges in Kingdom Marriages [00:14:11] The hosts discuss the reasons why many Christian marriages crumbled during the pandemic, including mental toll, lack of effort, and underlying issues.

Musical Inspirations [00:18:05] Lena shares her musical inspirations, including the Clark Sisters, Andre Crouch, and other gospel giants who influenced her style.

Lena’s latest album and the challenges faced during its production [00:22:43] Lena discusses the inspiration behind her latest album, the challenges of working during the pandemic, and the determination to keep going.

Collaborating with Stevie Wonder [00:24:45] Lena talks about the mind-blowing experience of collaborating with Stevie Wonder and how his approval of her song impacted her.

Upcoming tour with Erica Campbell [00:26:05] Lena expresses her excitement about going on tour with Erica Campbell and shares her gratitude for the support and love she has received.

The importance of planning and budgeting for vacations [00:34:55] Discussion on the significance of planning and budgeting for vacations, including tips on researching destinations, calculating expenses, and making the most of the trip.

Exploring historical and architectural attractions [00:37:09] Highlighting the value of visiting historical and architectural sites during vacations, with examples of attractions in Chicago, Ohio, and Cleveland.

Essential items to pack for a comfortable vacation [00:39:57] Emphasizing the importance of packing essential items for a comfortable vacation, such as bug spray, comfortable shoes, socks, water bottle, and extra bag for shopping.

Packing tips and essentials [00:41:36] Tips on what to pack for a vacation, including granola bars, lotions, sunglasses, and a hat.

Importance of having a passport [00:42:24] Discusses the necessity of having a passport for travel and the opportunities it opens up.

Tips for a comfortable and enjoyable vacation [00:44:42] Advice on staying comfortable during vacation, including packing light, using plastic bags for wet clothes, and enjoying the sights and culture.

The importance of vacations [00:50:42] Discussion on the significance of taking vacations, resting, and recharging mental space.

Introduction of Lena Byrd Miles [00:51:41] DJ Focus introduces Lena Byrd Miles as a talented musician and discusses her latest project.

Upcoming Stellar Celebrity Basketball Game [00:53:45] Details about the draft night for the second annual celebrity basketball game and the roster of potential players.