Faith, Fitness and Overcoming Fear with Radiant Chantae Cann

Welcome to another exciting episode of Da Fixx. In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting the talented singer, Shante Cann, and delved into topics such as faith, fitness, overcoming fear, regrets, and our recent participation in the Stellar Awards celebrity basketball game.

The Importance of Giving Your All

We reflected on our regrets and the importance of giving our all, in life. We discussed our recent participation in the Stellar Awards celebrity basketball game and how we would have regretted not trying our best. Dice shared his biggest regret of not trying harder in certain situations and not listening to people who were not full of faith.

We also touched on our fitness journey and the temptation to indulge in fried food, specifically mentioning Chick-fil-A. We expressed gratitude for resisting the temptation and focusing on our health goals.

Introducing Chantae Cann: A Unique Talent

We introduced our guest, Chantae Cann, a talented singer with a unique skill set and inflection when it comes to playing the piano and hitting notes. We praised her runs and vocal range, mentioning that she can sing in five octaves. We highlighted her crossover appeal and her ability to perform in various genres and settings. We expressed excitement for her upcoming performance and encouraged our listeners to stay tuned.

Chantae Cann’s Faith Journey

Shante shared her faith story and how she developed her personal relationship with Christ. Born into a Christian family, with her father being a pastor in the United Methodist Church, her faith journey took a transformative turn in 10th grade when she started attending a youth group in Atlanta. This experience changed her life and helped her discover her sound as an artist.

The Challenges of Being a Pastor’s Kid

As a pastor’s kid (PK), Chantae acknowledged the misconceptions about PKs and the challenges they face. She shared the struggle of finding a healthy work-life balance for both the parents and the children in a pastor’s family. She also mentioned feeling like she had to figure things out on her own and develop a facade of independence due to the attention given to her brother’s issues.

Chantae’s Musical Inspirations and Sound

We discussed her musical inspirations and her musical sound. Influenced by artists like Bobby McFerrin and Take Six, she describes her sound as “neo jazz,” a new take on jazz with improvisational elements. She also talked about her experiences performing in both gospel-centered and secular shows, and how her faith shines through in her music regardless of the setting.

Balancing Responsibilities and Future Plans

When asked about how she balances her various responsibilities, including family and work, Chantae clarified that she is currently single and advises potential suitors to be genuine, respectful, and not to try to be someone they think she wants. She revealed that she is working on a book, which will include her life story and a focus on women and self-image.

The Importance of Trusting in God and Not Dwelling in Regret

We discussed regrets and the fear that often prevents people from pursuing their dreams. We highlighted the need to walk in the truth of forgiveness and the belief that God can make all things new. We cautioned against holding onto regret, as it is a prideful experience that hinders personal growth. We encouraged our listeners to learn from their mistakes, seek forgiveness, and move forward without regret.

The Concept of Regret

We delved deeper into the concept of regret. We emphasized the importance of not getting stuck in regret and shame when we make mistakes. We encouraged trusting in God and moving forward. I quoted Romans 8:28, which states that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

Fitness and Taking Care of One’s Body

We reflected on the importance of taking care of one’s body as it is considered a temple of the Holy Ghost. We expressed regret for not treating our bodies with the respect they deserve and compared it to airbrushing a masterpiece. However, we found forgiveness and freedom through our faith in God.

Admiration for Chantae Cann and Personal Reflections

DJ Focus expressed his admiration for Chantae Cann and how she has changed the game with her unique sound. He reflected on his own journey and the fight he has faced in being accepted for singing about the Lord. He shared a personal story about almost buying a luxury car two years ago but realizing that it wouldn’t align with their financial goals and priorities.

Addressing a Serious Incident

We addressed a serious incident involving a man being physically assaulted. We expressed concern for the man’s health and emphasized the seriousness of the situation. We expressed our prayers for everyone involved and expressed the desire to see consequences for those who participated in the assault.

To connect with Chantae Cann, visit her Link Tree. Thank you for tuning in. Please leave a comment and let us know how you’ve overcome fear in your life. Remember to stay focused on the positive. Until next time be blessed.

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Faith, fitness and overcoming fear with Chantae Cann
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