Faith, Freedom, and the Christian Entertainment Industry with Franchesca.

Hello everyone, I’m DJ Focus, your host for “Da Fixx Morning Radio Show” on Sirius XM Channel 154 Holy Culture Radio. Together with my co-host, Dice Gamble, we recently had an enlightening episode where we discussed faith, freedom, and the Christian entertainment industry. We were also privileged to have Francesca Cintron, a talented Christian R&B artist, as our guest.

The Theme of Freedom

In this episode, we delved into the theme of freedom, a topic that holds significant relevance, especially during Holy Week. We encouraged our listeners to engage in the conversation and reflect on the significance of the upcoming Easter Sunday.

A Conversation with Francesca Cintron

We had the pleasure of interviewing Francesca Cintron, a beautiful soul who is not only talented but also a dedicated wife and mother. Francesca shared her journey as a songwriter and her passion for creating music that resonates with people. She spoke about her devotion to Christ and how she uses her music to spread the gospel.

Francesca’s journey to Christ was not a straightforward one. Despite growing up in the church, she made ungodly choices in high school and college. It was only after a Damascus moment that she surrendered her life to Christ. This transformation led her to ensure that her music glorified God and pointed to Him as the source of her talent.

Francesca’s Album: “Beauty from Ashes”

Francesca’s album, “Beauty from Ashes,” is a reflection of her personal journey through postpartum anxiety and depression, abandonment issues, and spiritual warfare. She emphasized the importance of being transparent and vulnerable as a Christian artist, showing that even Christian’s struggle, and God’s grace and salvation are available to everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

The Concept of Freedom in Faith

As hosts, Dice and I discussed the concept of freedom in relation to faith. We emphasized that God desires a relationship with humans and that freedom is an essential aspect of that relationship. We highlighted the freedom to make choices, both right and wrong, and the understanding that freedom comes at a price.

Financial Freedom

The conversation then shifted to the topic of financial freedom. We shared our personal experiences of paying off debts and improving our credit scores. We stressed the importance of being responsible with finances and honoring financial commitments. We urged listeners to shift their mindset and take responsibility for their financial well-being.

Supporting Each Other in the Church

We discussed the importance of financial freedom within the church and the need for believers to support each other’s businesses. We expressed our frustration with pastors and church choirs competing against each other instead of working together.

Mental Health in the LGBTQIA+ Community

We discuss the lack of attention given to mental health within the LGBTQIA+ community. And question why the focus is on gender identity and share that biblically it’s not true that someone can change their gender. Could it be that the mental health aspect of the LGBTQIA+ community is often overlooked?

Wrapping Up

Overall, this episode was a deep dive into the concept of freedom, both spiritually and personally. We emphasized the importance of understanding and embracing freedom and encouraged listeners to support each other and grow in their relationship with God. We also touched on the importance of mental health within marginalized communities.

We hope you found this episode enlightening and that it sparked some thought-provoking conversations. Stay tuned for more episodes of “Da Fixx” where we continue to explore faith, music, and various topics related to the Christian lifestyle.

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Faith, Freedom, and the Christian Entertainment Industry with Franchesca


Freedom during Holy Week [00:01:19] Discussion about the concept of freedom during Holy Week and its significance in Christianity.

Kirk and Tammy Franklin’s New TV Show [00:03:18] Announcement of Kirk and Tammy Franklin hosting a dating competition series on TV One, with speculation about the show’s direction and potential impact.

Introduction of Francesca Cintron [00:08:15] Welcoming Francesca Cintron to the show and her introduction as a Christian R&B artist, along with her personal background as a wife and mother.

The Draw to Christ [00:13:50] Francesca shares her journey of coming to Christ, including her upbringing in the church and her rebellious lifestyle before having a Damascus moment.

Solidifying Her Sound [00:19:34] Francesca discusses her second album, “Beauty for Ashes,” which allowed her to explore her own unique sound and share personal experiences from her Christian walk.

Finding Joy in Valleys [00:19:34] Francesca talks about how her music, particularly her album “Beauty for Ashes,” gives listeners a glimpse into the challenges of the Christian lifestyle while still finding hope and joy in difficult times.

The album “Beauty for Ashes” [00:20:38] The speaker discusses the inspiration behind the album, which includes themes of postpartum anxiety, abandonment issues, and finding peace in God.

The impact of “Beauty for Ashes” [00:23:37] The speaker shares two examples of how the album has resonated with listeners, including a woman dealing with postpartum depression and a college student finding empowerment and self-discovery through the music.

The concept of freedom in Christianity [00:28:25] The hosts introduce a discussion on the freedom found in Christianity and how it relates to the principles on which America was built. They also touch on the importance of societal guidelines and the abuse of freedom.

The importance of knowing and embracing freedom [00:30:46] Discussion on the freedom that comes with a relationship with God and the imaginary prisons people create for themselves.

The struggle to fully embrace freedom [00:31:46] Exploration of the difficulty in accepting and living in the freedom that comes with being forgiven and renewed in Christ.

Managing and utilizing freedom responsibly [00:39:08] The need to make wise choices and use freedom in alignment with God’s will, rather than being wild and uninhibited.

Topic 1: Freedom from Sin [00:40:42] Discussion on the importance of letting go of sin to experience true freedom in Christ.

Topic 2: Letting Go of Debt [00:42:16] Exploration of the concept of not owing anyone and the process of paying off debts to achieve financial freedom.

Topic 3: Financial Literacy and Living Within Means [00:47:11] Insights on the importance of understanding financial literacy, living within one’s means, and making wise financial decisions for long-term stability.

The importance of financial freedom in the church [00:50:07] Discussion on how the church should strive for financial independence and support each other’s businesses.

The need for believers to network and support each other [00:51:04] Encouragement to believers to prioritize supporting Christian brands, businesses, and churches to empower themselves and reduce reliance on government funding.

The significance of freedom in Christ and the power of the mind [00:53:17] Emphasis on the importance of understanding and embracing freedom in Christ, and the role of the mind in walking in that freedom.

  • Mental Health and LGBTQ+ Community [01:00:42] Discussion on the lack of focus on mental health within the LGBTQ+ community and the speaker’s concerns about the medical industry profiting from gender transition procedures.
  • Challenges Faced by LGBTQ+ Individuals [01:03:10] Exploration of the speaker’s personal experiences and the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, including societal rejection and the need for self-acceptance.
  • Love and Acceptance for LGBTQ+ Individuals [01:05:05] Discussion on the importance of love, acceptance, and understanding towards LGBTQ+ individuals, as well as the speaker’s acknowledgement of the church’s role in contributing to their anger and frustration.