Faith, Hip Hop and Relationships: An Intriguing Conversation with R Swift

Published on August 31, 2023

On this episode of Da Fixx, our special guest, R Swift, discusses hip hop, dating and relationships, honesty, and personal growth. Swift shares his drive to become an activist and fight for what he’s passionate about. We also discuss the lack of love and respect among believers, the challenges of online dating, and the importance of honesty in relationships. We emphasize the need for personal growth, self-improvement, and seeking God’s guidance in dating and courtship.

Growing Up in Church: A Shared Experience

Dice and I kicked off the conversation by reminiscing about our childhood experiences growing up in church. We fondly recalled attending prayer meetings and choir practices, and the abundance of food, such as cookies and fried chicken, at our church gatherings. We also reflected on the importance of music that keeps Jesus Christ at the center of the message.

Introducing Swift: A Revolutionary Artist

We then introduced our guest, Swift, a veteran artist known for his revolutionary and politically engaged work. Swift’s contributions to the genre, both in Christian hip hop and hip hop as a whole, are commendable. His willingness to have difficult conversations and dedication to community building are truly inspiring.

Swift’s Journey: From Long Island to Philly

Swift shared his background with us, mentioning that he was born and raised in Long Island before moving to Philly. He also gave us a glimpse into his thoughts on the state of hip hop.

Swift’s Activism: Making Noise for Change

When asked about his drive to become an activist, Swift explained that his motivation comes from feeling helpless when he sees things that are wrong in society and community. He believes in making noise and fighting for what he’s passionate about, rather than staying silent.

The Lack of Love and Respect Among Believers

We then delved into the lack of love and respect among believers, especially when it comes to politics and social injustice. Swift believes that many believers feel that their way is the right way and anyone who disagrees is wrong. This mindset leads to a lack of room for agreeing to disagree.

Swift’s Advice to Up-and-Coming Artists

Swift shared some valuable tips for up-and-coming artists regarding longevity and protecting their spirit. He emphasized the importance of patience, honesty, and understanding in relationships, and encouraged people to be honest about their needs and not let outside voices influence their choices.

The State of Dating and Relationships

We also had a candid discussion about the current state of dating and relationships. We agreed that dating has changed and people no longer seem to care about relationships. They just sleep around and have casual encounters without any intention of commitment.

The Importance of Honesty in Relationships

Dice shared her perspective on relationships and the importance of honesty. She believes that honesty is the foundation of a successful marriage and that couples should be able to talk about anything, even the difficult or uncomfortable topics.

The Pressure to Get Married

We also expressed our frustration with societal pressure to get married and the misconception that marriage is the ultimate goal in life. We argued that being single can be fulfilling and that individuals should focus on their own personal growth and relationship with God.

The Topic of Altar Calls

The discussion then revolved around the topic of altar calls and whether every artist should be able to do them. We expressed our personal opinion that altar calls should be reserved for those who are equipped and ready to handle the spiritual implications that may arise.

In conclusion, our conversation with Swift was enlightening and thought-provoking. We delved into various topics, from hip hop to relationships, all underpinned by our shared faith. We hope that our listeners found the conversation as insightful as we did. Want to connect with Swift? Visit his Link Tree to follow him on social media and stream his music.

Stay tuned for more engaging discussions in our upcoming episodes. And remember you catch this wave with Da Fixx Radio Show, weekday mornings at 6 est. on Holy Culture Radio, Sirius XM, Channel 154!

Faith, Hip Hop and Relationships: An Intriguing Conversation with R Swift


The state of hip hop [00:07:52]
Swift discusses the current state of hip hop and how the playing field has been leveled for artists from different genres.

Transition to Philly [00:07:36]
Swift talks about moving from New York to Philadelphia at a young age.

Hip hop turns 50 [00:07:34]
The hosts ask Swift about his thoughts on the state of hip hop as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The drive to become an activist [00:09:35]
Swift discusses his motivation to become an activist and make a difference in society and community.

Believers’ disrespect towards each other [00:10:41]
The conversation explores why believers often show disrespect towards each other, particularly when it comes to politics and social injustice.

Tips for up-and-coming artists [00:15:01]
Swift shares advice for aspiring artists, emphasizing the importance of being a lifelong learner, embracing change, and learning from the younger generation.

The state of the genre and mental wellness [00:20:10]
Discussion on the state of hip hop, personal struggles with mental health, and advocacy for therapy.

Relationship tips and exercising patience [00:20:53]
Advice on building healthy relationships, emphasizing patience, honesty, and understanding.



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