Faith In Action; The Squad Share Their Stories and Jay Way The Alien Exclusive!

What is faith?  And how is it connected to obedience and sacrifice?

The hall of faith in Hebrews chapter 11 lists bible figures from the Old Testament who should be remembered not because of their achievements, but because of their unwavering faith in God.  One of the most notable persons, Abraham; is celebrated because of his obedience when God asked him to sacrifice the son, he waited 25 years for.  Listen as the squad examines his story and what we can learn from it today. 

DJ Focus shares how his faith and obedience led to the Da Fixx Radio Show and Dice shares her journey starting CHH University during the pandemic. 

Special guest Jay Way the Alien stops by Da Fixx to talk faith, acceptance, creativity, dating, musical influences and his love for southern Hip Hop and culture.

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You’re tuned back into Da Fixx your source for faith infused hip hop, r and b and poetry right here on Sirius XM, channel 1 54. Holy Culture Radio. Happy Hump Day.

Wednesday Kings and Queens. It’s your boy DJ Focus checking in and it’s your girl. Dice Gamble. Checking in. Happy Hump Day. Woo woo. We we almost there. Dice. We almost Come on here. Come on man. Listen. Huh? All roads lead to Atlanta tomorrow. Dice on this, all roads lead to Atlanta. We, we, we hopping on flights tomorrow.

Don’t get it twisted. Y’all hopping on flights. Listen, uh, listen, the world knows we are, uh, really believing God to do, uh, some wonderful things this weekend. Definitely with this station. I’m praying that we come on, bring home a couple of awards. Brother. I’m trying to tell you, you put in all the work. I’m just here to enjoy it.

But I would like for the Lord to bless this show. Yes. Yes. Step it. I really. We, we, we really, uh, would love to have the opportunity to just see that, you know, the hard work over the years that we’ve put on and, uh, shouts out to the, the entire fix squad. Everybody who’s ever been a cohost or any, had anything to do with the FIX radio show.

I, I, I’m telling you, I’ve been all, I’ve been calling everybody. This is for everybody. I’m, I’m sure love to everybody because without everybody coming and. Coming and undergirding this little vision that God gave me. I promise you, I would not be nowhere near here. The interviews, the content, the real talk topics.

Like, listen, it, it’s been six years we’ve been grinding and doing this. So once again, like I told Dice, we just grateful to even be in the conversation. Uh, I know my mama looking down from heaven, just happy. Uh, my mama was a true gospel, um, and she loved all gospel music. And if I could just see her right now and say, mama going to Atlanta, I got a chance to, to.

I’m like, go baby. Don’t bring that more home. Listen, I, I already said we won. Even if we don’t win, because it’s just an honor to be even in the category, like you said, like up against some heavy hitters. Like some, some best for the best. Best of the best. Best the best. Yeah. So it’s just kind of like the moment is exciting.

It’s like, wow. You know, but I mean, it’s just your faithfulness and God’s blessing, you know, for the show. It’s, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. I’m just pumped about it. But anyways, it is hum. So we need to talk about, uh, a real topic. And so, um, yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and, uh, and, uh, talk about, uh, where is your ram?

Hmm? Is it in the bush? Where is your ram? Okay. . We’re gonna talk about the ram in the bush and uh, if you have one and, and, uh, what that looks. What that ram looks like. So that’s where we going today, bro. We were talking about Abraham and Isaac. Blessings and sacrifices. Yep. Ooh, mm-hmm. . It’s gonna get real.

It’s gonna be fun though. Listen. Buckle up. Buckle up. Buckle up if you just getting up with us. Come on. Wake up. Wake you on your ride to work, right? Come on, get the work safe. Uh, let’s come, let’s go out and be the light today. Of course. You know, our mission here at the Fix Radio show is to expose the culture to positive, but relevant music that keeps Jesus Christ at the center.

Listen, we got an exclusive interview too, as well. Mm-hmm. , um, today with, uh, our brother from the Netherlands, Jay Way. So yeah, we definitely want to keep it locked for him, man. He is just a, he’s a super dope creative, like, Listen, when you hear the interview, you don’t know what we’re talking about. He’s just a super dope creative.

We love artists who don’t stay in a box, who are able to, uh, you know, express themselves freely, but still, you know, make sure they let people know that No, I’m a believer. Um, I put my music out, you know, this is how I eat. Mm-hmm. , you know? Mm-hmm. . It’s also, you know how I, I minister the people too as well, so, yes.

Mm-hmm. , that’s gonna be a super dope interview. And listen, you heard it, dice already said Ram in the bush. Real talk topics. Woo. Ram in the bush. I might, I might just lay on the altar watch by dice today I’m gonna just lay on the altar . Oh man. Come on. Oh my goodness. Lemme go get my, lemme go get my anointing oil now, brother.

Come on brother. God forgive me. Lord, forgive me. Let’s go, brother. Oh, so yeah, listen, keep it locked. We gonna get into some music. I know how we do it. Let’s start it off. Uh, come on, let’s stellar week. So we gonna start off with some stellar bangers. Uh, you know, let’s start off with some Pastor Mike Jr. Um, let’s also get some Koryn Hawthorne.

Uh, but right now, listen, new Dietrich. Featuring B Slate . Keep it locked. You’re tuned into the fix.

You tuned back into the fix your source for Faith Infused, hip hop, r b and poetry right here on Sirius XM, channel 1 54 Holy Culture Radio. You already know you rocking in with your boy DJ. Focus and Dice Gamble and uh, yeah, dice.

You know, we excited. Uh, you know, this is, uh, A very talented brother. We got, uh, joining us right now. We’re always excited, uh, to, you know, to really talk about, you know, young up and coming artists, but also who’ve just, you know, got their own like little vibe. Like my brother, he, you know, is he pop? Is is he just hip hop?

Is he a little soul? Like, he has it all dice, you know, when you talk about it like, like it’s nothing seriously, like, it’s nothing. We, we haven’t heard from him. We’re like, all right, we just waiting, drop whatever he gonna drop next. Man, help us. Welcome in from the Netherlands. Uh, Jay Wade. What’s up, my brother?

What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? I’m honor. Hey, Jay, to meet you guys. Hey man, listen, I’m just happy to see you again, so I appreciate your time. For sure. Thank you. Yeah, let’s get into this. Shoot this Jay. You know, I know the j the Jaliens are awaiting, the Jaliens are awaiting Man up man. Yo, you know it . Wow. Yup. Um, did we get into your faith story, um, before, because, um, I have a feeling these listeners over here probably don’t know.

Um, what, what really. What your faith is. So can you give us a little bit of that before we get into everything? Man, in the world where like everybody has a new belief every day, man, you know, I don’t, I, I always tell people, man, aliens believe in me. You know what I mean? Instead of me believing the aliens, aliens believe in me.

That’s my faith. , no. But, uh, yeah, I’m a, I’m a Christian. I’ve been a Christian for, let me see, I think 10 to 15 years now. Yeah. Um, I think when, uh, when I was young, my, uh, parents started going to church for like a little for, for a little bit. Uh, they, uh, they went to church for like two years, uh, back in my childhood.

And uh, when they stopped going, I automatically stopped going myself, so I kind of lost. . Mm-hmm. . So it took me going to high school where I got reintroduced to the faith. Cause I didn’t, I didn’t like grow up like, yo, uh, you know, Pray before you go to sleep or pray before eating. Uh, it was only until like when I was like 11 when my parents started going for like two years.

And after that it just dropped. So when I started going to high school, um, I got introduced to this, uh, this classmate that, uh, He introduced the faith to me when, uh, when he put me onto this mixtape, this mixtape that he put together. And, uh, it was the first time that I heard somebody rap about the faith.

That was my introduction to the faith. And, uh, I was, I was, I was just astonished. I was like, yo, okay, so for hip hop to be used this way, I thought for myself that I was kind of like already known, uh, to the faith. I was kind of like, to me what I knew about the faith was what I knew and you know what, what they taught me in, in Sunday school.

So, uh, when he introduced the faith to me through hip hop, Where he really explained the gospel. I was like, wow, okay, so this is what the faith is. It’s actually a real thing. It’s a relationship. It’s not just a, a manual. So yeah, man, that’s, that’s what kind of like, you know, grab my attention and I was like, yo, I want whatever you have going on, man, cuz for you to express your faith through, through, through rap man, you know, something is going on.

So he, uh, invited me to, to his church and uh, the rest was history. That’s awesome man. I appreciate you sharing that. Cause a lot of people think that, um, Quote unquote religious people or Christians or people in any faith have had it together their whole life or that, you know, like that’s just what it is.

But you know, people, people come into that thing many, many different ways. So I appreciate you sharing. Yeah, man. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Listen, that’s what the fix is for Dice . Yeah, right. That’s why we call it defense . So listen, uh, talk about how you got started in music. How, how did that come about?

So, you know, you, you talked about your first introduction to, uh, you know, faith to where you could, uh, you know, believe in it was through Christian hip hop, through a mixtape. But how did you get involved in music? Hmm. I involved into music. Uh, my parents always loved music, so, Um, you know, my mom, you know, Sunday, uh, she play all type of records, man, like, you know, just a lot of gospel music when she was cleaning up the house.

And, um, my dad is a dj, actually. What? So yeah, my dad is a dj, so when he used to like, you know, just practice for, for like gigs, I used to like be tuned in you. And he, he would play all types of genres and school, you know? So yeah, it was just all accessible to me. So what’s up with those records? That’s your dad.

Listen, he need to ship us some of them records. I know he’s sitting on some crates. We don’t have over here . No, he, man, he phenomenal. He has a huge collection man from James Brown all the way through Usher, you know what I mean? Wow. It’s uh, and um, Yeah, I loved it. He’s, he’s the one that kind of like spooned me with, with music and, uh, I remember, uh, this, this one picture of me holding a microphone when I was like four years old.

So yeah, it’s all his fault, man. It’s all his fault. . Yeah. Yo . That, that’s what’s up, man. That’s awesome. So, um, listen, we were listening to a relationship song before you, you, you hopped on. Um, uh oh. . What do you mean Uhoh? Uhoh? That deep? Yeah. Yeah. We were trying to see what was the inspiration behind that.

Tell us the real story. Tell us real story.

That’s hilarious. Um, deep end. Deep end. Um, so I had this one obsession with this girl, and I think, uh, yeah. Deep end is the, the follow It follows a song that talks about chasing somebody and then deep end is actually getting with that. Person and still feeling like you’re chasing that person, if that makes sense.

It’s kind of like a held in the leash type of relationship where somebody’s not telling you that they’re not really into you, but you are still kind of like chasing that affirmation and it’s like, yo, what are we? Do you love me or not? Because I’m obsessed over you. And yeah, that, that’s kind of like the inspiration behind it.

And a lot of times women will make songs about that where, uh, you know, they feel like, yo, do you really love me? And, you know, looking for, you know, confirmation. But, uh, I, I, I wanted to express that from like the SAB boy point of view too, cuz we, we don’t get hurt a lot. The, the boys don’t get you. So, yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s the inspiration behind that song.

Yo, that’s good. I’m a real sad boy if people don’t know I’m a real sad boy, man. I’m king, sad boy. So that song Aw, that’s cute. . That’s cute. . Now that, that is inspir. So talk, talk a little bit more, a little bit more about that. Are you currently dating now, Courtney? Oh, see, I knew, uh, you ain’t gotta answer Jay though, for the female listeners out here who might be you.

Wanna be a, you know, a Jay, a Jalen, you know what I’m saying? You might wanna make some Jalen. Listen, no looking for woman. Make some, a woman and your wife. What are you looking for in a woman? What am I looking for in a woman? Um, yo the person has to not make me get in this situation where I have to choose, you know, like, yo, it’s me.

Or the music. Or the music. Ah, I’ve heard that before because I, I’ll tell that shorty tonight. You know what I mean? , um, let me think. I’m looking for a person that understands the grind. I’m looking for a person that really has a, um, understanding of like, before you date somebody like you, you kind of like have a reference.

You know what I mean? Because. You know what I mean? Before you step up, you kind of like, you know, study a person. And, uh, I like for a person to really accept me for who I am and also for what I bring to the table. So don’t, I think somebody said that once before, like, you know, um, before you start dating a fisherman, don’t get surprised, like, you know, when he starts fishing.

So, yeah. That’s good me, man. And, um, you know, I’ll, I’ll leave the, the rest of the criteria, you know, Because, um, you know, I have, I have some wishes, but, um, yeah, I you have some wishes. Be okay, . Well, listen. No, you listening, but put it out there. You never know who’s listening, but, um, okay, bro, I’m not saying I’m not in a relationship.

I’m not disclaimer. I know, right? Stay tuned that you’ll find out. . Oh, man. Ah, man. So when are you gonna start working on the next documentary? And we know you already, uh, you. The rise Jay way. So, um, do you have any plans to, uh, give us, uh, part two? I’m telling you, we have fire footage of the album that I recorded, um, a year ago.

And man, we’re gonna put something together that’s gonna be so phenomenal, man, cuz the footage like we actually recorded. This is the first time that I recorded sessions. Like, you know, just making the song from scratch all the way to finished and the whole project, we recorded the whole project, we got everything that I documented.

So that’s gonna be so dope. And I think very inspirational to like people that are like, you know, just really, um, you, you’re pursuing music, so, yep. This is to give people more insight. Make people also realize that Jay Wade doesn’t write on songwriters, but yeah, he really gets busy. Yep. And it’s not wrong to work with songwriters, but uh, I love to give people like the creative process.

Yeah. No, that’s good stuff, man. Even though Yeah. That’s funny that you brought that up. I was just thinking about it just now. I was like, yo, sometimes I. You know, just play footage of some songs that I really love and I’m like, yo, that’s actually genius how we put that together. So, yeah. Can’t wait to show y’all.

Aw bro. We can’t wait to see it. We talk about you quite often. I mean, for real though. Like we, we know that you are. Very unique as an artist. Like you’re, I mean, and I don’t know if you get a sense of that yet, you know, but it’s, it’s, it’s like we already know that this is gonna be a problem. You know what I’m saying?

like we, we, we already know it, so it’s kind, it’s, yeah, bro, it’s. It’s exciting. We just, we just like, man, we just cannot wait for the rest of the world to really wonderful wake up. Yeah, you do. You have that. You’re very polarizing, but you’re very talented and you definitely have that ability to go in many different directions, many different genres.

So, um, Is there a type of of song that you’re like, I haven’t done this style yet, but I, I want to be able to do one of these one day? A hundred percent, yes. Um, I would. I love to make a crunk project in the future. What? That’s it, crunk. That’s, yes. That’s one of my favorite genres. Like I, um, I grew up listening to a lot of south side music.

A lot of people don’t know that about me, but that’s, yes. I owe my sound to the south, the dirty, dirty. Thank you very much, ATL Building. Yeah. At at TL Memphis dollars and got all that. Yeah, it is. Yep. Wow. So yeah, I’m definitely, um, looking into doing that one day man, and just inviting us some of the legends, c h h Legends, Mr.

Dell, the Holy South Dice, gamble, Jones, and all that. You know what I mean? Just threw my name out there. Yeah.

For the building. Come on, man. Come on now. I’m a legend in the south. You said south. You gotta put me in there too, bro. Yeah. Um, yeah. Front, well, we, you know, we got a lot of friends from the south, so nothing we, we probably did tag somebody. You know what I, I’m saying like, dice, I’m, I’m over here. Uh, I know my brain was like, did he say

I was like, I’m like, did, did you, did he say mixtape? Did you did That’s.

South artists man, like, you know, just little John the East Side boys. Yeah, I love it. Used to really love three six Mafia sound. Um, yes. I must it down. Yeah. South. Um, yeah, man. And uh, a lot of people don’t even know Mr. Doug comes from like the three six mafia wave. Yeah. Yeah. I’m, I’m cultured man. I’m cultured.

I’m a kid from the Netherlands that’s infatuated with HT and just the whole south movement man. And I hate that. That the movement kind of died. Kind of died down. Yeah. But man, it would be my dream to kind of bring that back, man. One day. Yeah. We believe in you. Yeah. Yeah. I hope, I hope nobody that listened to the interview going to run with the idea, but Yeah, but but it wouldn’t be you like that.

That’s what I was trying to say. Like we were just talking about you and it doesn’t matter who goes. Tries to revitalize crunk music. You, your spin on it will be totally you. You know what I’m saying? And that’s, that’s what I’m saying, like just the true, true, true artistry. You know? Like, I don’t know, it just seems like you’re very true to yourself and whatever.

I don’t even know how you created your sound, you know what I mean? Like, I know you were talking about your father and him being a dj, but it’s like, who, like, what are the, who are some of the top, I don’t know, artists or producers or, um, musicians that, that you kind of are like, yeah, I, I could see myself being like this, or these are the people that I listen to or, you know, that have, they’ve influenced me.

Right. And so many influences. Yo, so like I said, like a lot of Chrome music that really inspired me growing up. Um, I, the first artist that like really, really, really, really, really, Uh, hit me when I was young was Michael Jackson. That’s my dad could play anything, but as soon as I heard Michael Jackson and actually saw videos from Michael Jackson, I was like, I was sold

So it’s some greatest, yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s some things that I’ve learned from Michael Jackson that kind of like, put in music. Like I love his, uh, melody choices. Um, and I love Pharrell a. Pharrell is one of the, the guys that I really, um, you know, just took notes from. Mm-hmm. , um, N E R D. Cause a lot of people, um, what they love about my music is that it’s like a hybrid of a lot of sounds.

And N E R D, his band, like, did the same thing like that. They inspired me to like, really. Embrace, you know, all your influences. Don’t just, okay, I’m a hip hop fan, so I’m gonna make hip hop music because you know, a lot of people listen to different genres. Why not combine, experiment with all these genres and um mm-hmm.

Yeah, it’s not a, it’s not a, you know, you, you have to, but, uh, I, I like to like, you know, just learn from different genres. Like Michael Jackson, we used to learn from James Brown, um, but he didn’t necessarily make James Brown music, you know what I mean? So, mm-hmm. . Yeah. I’m really a student like game man and, uh, I have a lot of rock influences as well, a lot of rock artists that I listen to that I think that are dope that I want to like, you know, learn from and yeah.

So, yep. That’s awesome. But what’s next, bro? I, I know you le getting ready to drop a, a, a, a ep, a album or some, tell us what’s next. . We got my first album dropping this year, man. First, Jay Wade. First album, man. I’ve been dropping music since 2000 and I think 14. And this is, man, it’s gonna be first time putting together an album.

And I’m so stoked for that. Yo, who can we expect? Who can we expect on it? You got some collabs on it. Got some collapse for sure. Um, y’all can expect Thy Brasel on it. What got tie? Yep. Brazzle. We just dropped deep end featuring digits. We got, uh, Paris on it. Paris Chariz. Um, and who else, who else on that? We got this cat, uh, Mo Mo Natural.

And, uh, he is fire. He is a guy from Pittsburgh. And you on a lookout? . We’re on lookout. I mean, I’m over here like, woo. We’re, uh, excited and we, man, we got the beast on the productions too. What’s the beast? That’s Kanye’s, uh, closest producers stole. Yep. What? That’s pretty, yeah, that’s pretty big. So, yo, oh my goodness.

This is wild. Well, listen man, we wanna know, uh, when we gonna see you. What you going get out? Come on back over here. So you, on the floor tour or anything? I would love to come down to the States. Um, I was, I was in the States I think for like two months. Um, but. Yeah, hopefully after the summer we’ll plan something and, um, I’m trying to tour for real, so I’m trying to get with the fans, man.

So yeah. Maybe the album is out when, when I finish doing my, like, you know, my run in the Netherlands. Mm-hmm. might fly down and come, come down to the dirty, dirty. Come on man. You already know. You will be more than welcome. More than welcome. All right brother. Where you, where you, where you guys? Well, I’m, I’m actually in Chicago.

Okay. The Midwest. Okay. Uhhuh, Chicago. Yeah. But you know, a TL is, that’s my stomping ground. So that’s where all my connections that a TL raised me. You know, I was born, yeah, yeah. My fam, my family’s from Georgia. I was born in Indiana, but as soon as I was able to leave home, I jetted back to, uh, my roots, bro.

So when you, that’s when we said Cronk, I was like, Ooh. So, you feel me? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I do. I do. We need that energy back, man. We definitely need that energy back. One of the artists that really, uh, kind of like is bringing that energy back is rockstar, um, jt. Yeah. Rockstar. JT, shout out to him. Yep. Love camera.

Yeah. Yeah. We need more. Yep, we do. We need more. And, uh, we can’t wait to get what we’re gonna get from you, but, um, can you let all, uh, everyone who’s listening know where they can, uh, find you, contact you and, um, Set up whatever song, set up whatever song you want us to play next. Um, Jay Way, the Alien on Everywhere.

So that’s j a y w u a y t h e a l i e n. And uh, the next song that you guys about to hear is the latest single featuring digits called Deep End. You already know the Vibes. Yes, sir. Keep in lock. You tuned into. And fixes in you. Tune back into the fix your source of Faith and Fuse, hip hop, army, and poetry right here on Sirius XM, channel 1 54 Holy Culture Radio.

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