False Gods, False Narratives and his Life-Changing Revelation with H.U.R.T.

Hey there! On this episode of Da Fixx, we go on an inspirational journey, diving deep into faith, accountability, and restoration. Special guest H.U.R.T. shares the inspiration behind his new project Against All gods. Let’s recap the highlights!

Hillsong Church Scandal?

First up, we tackled the scandal surrounding Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz. We stressed the importance of accountability, especially for leaders, and how seeking repentance and working towards restoration is crucial when mistakes are made. It’s a lesson for all of us to hold ourselves accountable and avoid toxic relationships.

Dice brought up the attraction to powerful men and women of God, and the precautions taken by the church to protect everyone involved. From providing blankets during worship to safeguarding personal spaces, it’s all about protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

But it’s not all about pointing fingers and casting judgment. We are reminded of the power of love and restoration. We shared our gratitude that God doesn’t cast us aside when we mess up and encouraged each other to treat others with the same love and grace.

H.U.R.T. : Against all gods

And speaking of grace, we had a special guest, HURT, a Christian rapper and artist, who shared his faith journey and the impact of his music and ministry. HURT’s upcoming project, focused on addressing false gods and false narratives, dropped on May 26th. So stream or download today and get inspired!

The conversation then shifted to unity in Christian hip hop. We highlighted the importance of allowing the Holy Spirit to move freely and not limiting God’s timing. It’s all about coming together and celebrating the unique blend of hip hop and the church.

To wrap things up, we stressed the importance of consistency and hard work in our faith. Laziness is not a characteristic of Jesus, so let’s strive to work diligently and provide for our families. And hey, technology can be our friend too! Setting reminders through calendar apps can help us stay organized and consistent.

So, there you have it, folks! Another episode of Da Fixx, filled with inspiration, light-heartedness, and a whole lot of faith. Remember, blessings come through faithfulness, so let’s stay focused on turning negatives into positives. And don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the show. We want to hear from you!

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H.U.R.T. Against All Gods, now streaming.


The importance of hearing from God [00:01:23] Discussion on the need to intentionally seek God, study the Bible, and develop a spiritual sense of hearing.

Controversy surrounding Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz [00:02:15] Discussion on the Hulu series about Carl Lentz and the need for accountability and maturity in leadership.

Honoring marriage and the challenges faced [00:05:17] Discussion on the importance of honoring marriage, the attraction within the church, and the need for accountability in relationships.

The Restoration of People in Love [00:09:20] Discussion on the importance of restoring people in love instead of treating them poorly or casting them aside.

Church Hurt and Doing Church [00:10:13] Exploration of the topic of church hurt and how churches should handle it, as well as a discussion on the importance of consistency in faith.

Faith Journey and Finding God [00:12:53] The guest, HURT, shares his faith journey, including growing up in a broken home, finding God at the age of 30, and his transformation through faith and music ministry.

The Importance of Serving [00:20:09] Dedication to serving in the ministry and the journey towards becoming a pastor.

Learning to Lead God’s Way [00:21:09] Discussion their understanding of leadership and the need to lead according to God’s principles, separate from personal opinions and feelings.

Marriage as a Tool for Growth [00:23:13] Reflection on how marriage reveals one’s flaws and gifts, and how it has helped them grow and become selfless.

The importance of serving a big God [00:31:03] Discussion on the concept of serving a big God and how it relates to the problems and dreams in the world.

Offending religious toes [00:31:53] Intentionally offending religious beliefs and separating those who are fully committed to their faith.

Choosing collaborators for a project [00:34:32] The process of selecting artists for a project based on their personalities and ministry backgrounds.

The Remnant Rising [00:42:10] Discussion about the rising remnant in the church and the judgment of those who walk according to the flesh.

The Power of the Name [00:43:03] Exploration of the authority and power in the name of Jesus to cast out demons.

Living a Holy Lifestyle [00:45:12] Conversation about the understanding and challenges of living a holy lifestyle and the importance of consistency and discipline.

The importance of accountability and honoring marriage [00:53:03] Discussion on the significance of accountability and honoring marriage in the context of faith.

The relationship between laziness and Christianity [00:53:54] Exploration of the contradiction between laziness and the teachings of Christianity, emphasizing the importance of hard work.

Claiming God’s promises and walking in one’s power [00:57:21] Encouragement to remind God of His promises and to walk in the power and authority given as a Christian.

The importance of using apps and calendars for scheduling [01:01:14] Using technology to streamline booking and scheduling interviews, including the use of calendar apps and reminders.

Rewarding yourself for completing tasks [01:02:48] Discussion on the importance of celebrating small victories and rewarding oneself after accomplishing a task, especially when learning new skills.

Embracing mistakes and learning from them [01:05:30] Encouragement to not be afraid of making mistakes, as they provide valuable learning experiences and opportunities for growth.

The importance of faithfulness [01:10:25] Discussion on the importance of staying faithful and consistent in doing good works, as mentioned in Galatians 6:9 and 1 Corinthians 15:58.

Staying consistent with health and wellness [01:12:20] Talk about the need for believers to stay consistent with exercise, healthy eating, and taking care of their bodies to avoid health risks.

Not giving up on people [01:14:04] Encouragement to not give up on sharing the gospel with others, as one day they may be receptive and in need of hearing the word of God.