Family Reunion: Khirey Tyler and the Incredible Red Hands Band are Transforming Lives.

On this episode of Da Fixx, we are joined by our esteemed guest, Khirye Tyler of the Red Hands Band, who shared his inspiring journey and his involvement in Family Reunion Festival.

The Family Reunion Festival: A Celebration of Music and Culture

Each year the Family Reunion Festival, takes place at the iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We were particularly thrilled about Khirye Tyler’s involvement as a producer, songwriter, and musician. Despite his success and the opportunities, he has in the music industry, Khirye remains humble, which is truly inspiring.

Hosting the festival at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is significant, and we asked Khirye to share his thoughts on this. He expressed his excitement about the festival, now in its second year, and emphasized their commitment to putting on a great show. The anticipation surrounding the Family Reunion Festival is palpable, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact it will have on the culture and music industry.

Khirye Tyler: A Journey from Foster Care to Music Stardom

Our conversation with Khirye Tyler took a personal turn as he shared his journey of growing up in the foster care system. His experiences have shaped his perspective on giving back, and he’s grateful for the opportunity to provide scholarships to individuals who have lived a similar life to his own. Partnering with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to spread the gospel’s message is a significant part of his mission.

Khirye’s relationship with God is deeply personal. Despite growing up in a household with 22 people and his grandparents being pastors, he had to find his own connection with Christ, which he discovered around the age of 12 or 13. His journey of deepening his relationship with God continues, and it’s a testament to his faith and resilience.

The Power of Transformation in the Christian Faith

We also dive into the importance of transformation in the Christian faith. Being a Christian is not just about going through the motions or claiming a title. It requires a genuine heart change and a willingness to let go of worldly desires. We emphasized the need for believers to renew their minds and prioritize their relationship with God.

We shared our personal struggles with wanting to chase worldly things while still trying to live a Christian life. The importance of sacrificing the old self and embracing true righteousness and holiness cannot be overstated. We also discussed the importance of judging others based on their fruit, which refers to the evidence of a transformed life through the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Embracing Change and Seeking Transformation

Transformation is not easy and requires effort and commitment. Dice and I shared personal stories of our own struggles and the need to hold ourselves accountable. We encouraged listeners to seek a genuine transformation and not just settle for superficial changes.

We also highlighted the power of words and the importance of speaking positive affirmations over oneself. We recommended books that can help with the process of transformation, such as “Your Purpose is Your Calling” by Dr. Darius Daniels and “Winning the War in Your Mind” by Craig Sager. Joyce Meyer’s book “Battlefield of the Mind” was also mentioned as a valuable resource for taking control of one’s thoughts and transforming one’s mindset.

Personal Transformation and the Power of Music

DJ Focus shared a personal story about my weight loss journey and how it has reignited my desire to play basketball again. Dice praised his transformation and emphasized the importance of growth in all aspects of life.

We then shifted the conversation to Khirye Tyler, a talented musician and the music director for Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour. We commended Khirye for prioritizing his gospel hip-hop band, Red Hands, and showcasing other artists in the gospel music space. His humility and dedication are truly admirable.

We also reminisced about our experience at the unplugged Stellar week in Vegas, where we witnessed incredible performances and unity among artists. We encouraged listeners to attend the Family Reunion Festival and support Khirye Tyler and Red Hands. Tap in with the Red Hands Band and Khirye Tyler on their website,

If you are an artist or you know someone who is, please visit the Holy Culture artist resources page to learn how to submit music and tips on navigating the music business. Thank you for tuning in and remember to subscribe to the podcast.

Family Reunion Khirye Tyler and the Red Hands Band
Family Reunion Festival, Khirye Tyler and the Red Hands Band
Red Hands Band


Thirsty Thursday and Unity [00:00:14] Discussion about the concept of “Thirsty Thursday” and the unity and cultural understanding it brings.

Transforming and Transformation [00:05:03] Exploration of the expectation and process of personal transformation in faith.

Family Reunion Festival at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [00:08:56] Introduction of Khirye Tyler and the significance of hosting the festival at the historic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Growing up in foster care [00:09:14] Khirye shares his experience of growing up in the foster care system and how it shaped his foundation in Christ.

Discovering a personal relationship with Christ [00:10:36] Khirye talks about when he realized the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ, around the age of 12 or 13.

Making a career in music [00:13:03] Khirye discusses when he decided to pursue music professionally, at the age of 19, and his journey in the industry.

Transformation Journey as Christians [00:19:45] Discussion on the importance of undergoing a heart change and transformation in the Christian faith.

Struggling to Change vs. Not Changing [00:20:43] Exploration of the difference between believers who are actively working towards change and those who resist transformation.

Managing Salvation and Accountability [00:26:10] Emphasis on the need to actively manage one’s salvation and hold oneself accountable for personal growth and change.

The expectation of transformation [00:29:47] Discussion on the definition of transformation and the expectation for individuals to change and show a difference in their lives.

The power of transformation from God [00:32:08] Exploration of the power of transformation that comes from having a relationship with God and tapping into His word as the source of change.

The command to be renewed and made new [00:36:46] Explanation of the command to renew the mind, change attitudes and thoughts, and receive a new heart and spirit from God for transformation.

Transformation and Conflict [00:39:49] Discussion on the discomfort and conflict that come with personal transformation and the need for change.

Renewal of the Mind and Books [00:42:33] Recommendation of books on purpose, renewing the mind, and winning the war in one’s mind to aid in transformation and growth.

Speaking Transformation [00:44:38] Emphasizing the power of speaking positive affirmations and declarations of transformation over one’s life and circumstances.

The transformation journey [00:49:13] DJ Focus shares his weight loss journey and the benefits of transforming physically and mentally.

Corey Tyler and the Family Reunion Festival [00:52:11] DJ Focus praises Khirye Tyler for his humility and dedication to his band, Red Hands, and discusses the Family Reunion Festival.

The unplugged stellar week in Vegas [00:55:29] DJ Focus and Dice Gamble reflect on their experience at the unplugged stellar week in Vegas, where they witnessed unity and collaboration among gospel music greats.