How First Impressions Shape Our Relationships & West Coast CHH rapper Young C Opens Up About His Transformation

In this episode, we had an insightful conversation with Young C, a talented lyricist from California. He opened up about his journey of faith, the importance of accountability, and his unique approach to music. His story is a testament to the power of staying committed to one’s faith and the importance of building a personal relationship with God. Our real talk topic is first impressions and they impact our relationships.

Young C Takeaways:

  1. The Power of Giving: Focus’s story about giving a coat to a man in need is a beautiful example of how small acts of kindness can make a big difference.
  2. The Importance of Accountability: Young C’s journey of faith highlights the value of having mentors and a supportive community.
  3. Music as a Ministry: Both Focus and Young C agree that their music should be centered around serving God and spreading His message.
  4. The Creative Process: Young C shares his unique approach to creating music, emphasizing the importance of acting on moments of inspiration.

How First Impressions affect our relationships:

In this episode we also explored the importance of first impressions, not just as individuals, but as representatives of our faith. It’s incredible how our actions can either draw people closer to God or push them away. It’s a reminder that we’re not just representing ourselves but something much bigger than us. Do you ever consider this when interacting with others?

I encourage you to tune in and join us on this journey. Whether you’re a hip-hop enthusiast, a person of faith, or someone who appreciates meaningful conversations, there’s something in this episode for you.

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How First Impressions Shape Our Relationships & West Coast CHH rapper Young C Opens Up About His Transformation.


Introduction [00:00:00] Introduction to the podcast episode, mentioning the hosts and the purpose of the show.

Impressions and Representing Faith [00:06:26] Discussion on how individuals show up in different spaces and how they represent their faith.

Spiritual Detox with Young C [00:07:42] Interview with Young C, a versatile rhyme spitter, discussing his new project and his powerful testimony.

The development of a personal relationship with Christ [00:09:28] Young C shares his journey of discovering their own personal relationship with God and finding a relatable church community.

The importance of accountability in spiritual growth [00:11:52] Young C discusses the initial resistance to accountability and the realization of its value in personal growth and avoiding past mistakes.

Transition from mainstream music to Christian hip hop [00:13:48] Young C talks about their musical journey, starting with mainstream music in high school and eventually transitioning to Christian hip hop after a pivotal moment of hearing from God.

Building an Authentic Relationship with God [00:17:54] Discussion about the importance of personal relationship with God and the lack of authenticity in some artists’ relationship with God.

Incorporating Sampling in Music [00:22:59] The influence of Stevie Wonder and Timbaland on Young C’s music, and the use of sampling to create a unique sound.

Describing the Young C’s Music [00:23:55] Young C’s music is described as a conversation, with a focus on rapping and talking rather than traditional hooks.

The struggle to write music in the moment [00:26:42] Young C discusses how they struggle to write music if they don’t do it in the moment they hear a beat or a sound.

Working on a two-year project [00:29:16] Young C talks about working on a project for two and a half years, trying to get closer to God and challenge themselves in their song-making process.

The importance of community and support [00:31:11] Young C emphasizes the need for help and support from others in the music industry, and how they struggled with trying to do everything on their own.

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The importance of first impressions [00:36:09] Discussion on the significance of the impression we leave on people and how it can impact their perception of us.

Negative first impressions [00:38:04] Dice shares a personal experience of meeting Reggie Miller and how his initial negative impression changed over time.

Representing something bigger than yourself [00:39:34] Dice talks about the importance of representing oneself and one’s family in a positive light when entering different environments.

The impression we leave on people [00:45:46] Discussion on how our actions and behavior leave lasting impressions on others, either positive or negative.

The church’s impression on people [00:49:13] Discussion about the importance of the church creating a welcoming and loving environment for newcomers, and the need for effective communication and follow-up.

Letting God do the work [00:53:27] Discussion on the role of God in changing people’s lives and encourages listeners to trust in God’s transformative power rather than trying to change others themselves.

First Impressions are Key [00:55:00] The importance of making a good first impression and how it can impact relationships and opportunities.

Accountability for Believers [00:56:28] Discussion on the different standards of accountability for believers and non-believers, and the role of the Bible in guiding behavior.

Young C’s Journey [00:58:26] Highlighting the story of Young C, a rapper who turned down a major deal to pursue his purpose and be discipled by a local church.