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Floetic Dre – Sign

Floetric Dre puts God’s Love at the center of our focus. Let us know what you think.

Verse 1
Love is so complicated
Love is so highly needed
Love is so underrated
Love is the greatest power
Love is the way of living
Love is the way of passage
Love can be misconstrued
Love can be so confusing
Love protects the heart
Love protects the soul
Love the one who hates you
Judas betrayed the Messiah
And Jesus still loved everybody
So we all got a perfect example
But love get a terrible rep
When you punished
For hating a brother for killing your brother
Love can be sacrificing
Love can be controversial
But love
Can be universal
Love is the way of marriage
Can be uplifting
Love can be motivating
Can be heartbreaking
when life hits you
When love is hard
But love is God
And the love of Christ is a sign above

Show me the sign (x8)

Verse 2
God is the reason we breathe
God is the one I believe
God is Good
God is the reason we see everything
God is the reason we gotta keep growing
God is the cure for the pain that was giving
God is the reason you have everything
We are the reason we lose everything
So just give it to God and don’t blame everybody
Job was a perfect example
Faith in our God is a better description
God is so eager to listen
God is the reason I’m rapping
It got to be
God is the one with the wisdom inside me
When I’m surrounded by struggles I made it through it
To share with you
To get you through
God is the reason I’m different
My Christ is the only version of the gospel
God is the only reason I ain’t lose it
God is protecting me
God is empowering
God is forgiven
God Is all almighty
So he get the shine
I am his servant
I am excited he showed me a sign

He showed me the sign (x2)
He gave me the sign
He showed me the way (x2)
He gave me the queue

Verse 3
I put that on everything
God is my everything
God is the king
He gave me the power
To help anybody who crossing my way
God is the wave
So I am ok
My 3’s in the sky
My faith is in God
If you living for God
Put your hands in the sky
And go show them your sign
3’s in the sky
My hands in the sky
I trust in my God
3’s in the sky
Show them your sign
I trust in a God
So here’s my sign

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