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semper-reformadaWhat up everybody?

I just wanted to let y’all know about a free 50 track mixtape that dropped recently called “Semper Reformanda”, by the Plumbline Collective. These brothers met one year ago at the True Church Conference and have been grinding feverishly for the past year to put out this project for the edification of believers as well as for the purpose of evangelism. This project is very diverse because of the amount of tracks it has as well as the amount of artists and producers involved… This also produces different styles of tracks from eastcoast boom bap, to spoken word pieces, to a southern style. You might have heard some of the joints posted on the Holy Culture forum, or P4CM’s myspace page… This mixtape contains the P4CM anthem titled “Ex” as well as the “Your Life” joint they did as a response track to Game and lil Wayne for the blasphemies of their recent single. This project seriously has some gems in it… I would encourage you all to download this project and give it a listen through. At the very least give it a skim through… I’m sure you’ll find some tracks you like if not love the entire project…

Here is the tracklisting:

1. Plumb Line Intro

2. Check Him Out (feat. JG and Jay Remnant of iSix5)

3. Breathe On Me (feat. Josh Chambers, JG of iSix5, and John Bohannon)

4. Ive Been Born Again Spoken Word

5. Regeneration

6. I Live (feat. JG of iSix5)

7. Good Shepherd (feat. Brian Wetzel)

8. What Love Is This? Spoken Word

9. God Is Love

10. Spill Spoken Word

11. Tragedy

12. Beat Box Witnessing (feat. John Bohannon)

13. Cold As Ice

14. The Bright and Glorious Son (feat. Jeremy Myers)

15. INRI (feat. JG of iSix5)

16. March (feat. J.Miles of iSix5)

17. God’s Grace in Evangelism (Interlude)

18. Peace Spoken Word

19. Declaration (feat. Pilgrim)

20. Jeremiah 9:23

21. Ex Song (feat JG and Jay Remnant of iSix5)

22. Before and After Remix

23. What Will You Do Then? Spoken Word

24. Without You

25. What Do You Believe In?

26. God’s Grace in the knowledge of His sufficiency (Interlude)

27. Nothing Left to Lose (feat. JG of iSix5)

28. Man Spoken Word

29. We Boast

30. I Am Remix (feat. Jacob Izreal)

31. God’s Grace in Repentance (Interlude)

32. Assurance Spoken Word

33. The Flesh

34. Fallin’ Again (feat. Pilgrim)

35. Repent for the Glory of God Spoken Word

36. Repent for the Glory of God (feat. Chenoa Murray)

37. Sisters

38. Your Life Intro (feat. Pastor Justin Cox)

39. Your Life

40. Think About It (feat. JG of iSix5)

41. What You Bang Intro

42. What You Bang? (feat. JG and Jay Remnant of iSix5)

43. Song of the Redeemed (feat. JG of iSix5)

44. Chain Gang (feat. JG and Jay Remnant of iSix5)

45. God’s Grace Over Sin Through Christian Accountability (Interlude)

46. Porn Again (feat. JG and J.Miles of iSix5)

47. Front Lines (feat. B-Doe)

48. Plumb line Cypha (feat JG, and J.Miles of iSix5, Izreal the Berean, Jacob Izreal, B-Doe, and Advocate )

49. God’s Grace and the display of His Glory (Interlude)

50. We Boast Remix



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