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Artist Name
: K.A.S.
Title: A Disaster has occurred
Label: Real World Records

“These Cats get to praying when a pistol in they face/but they want to say I’m lame cause I do it every day”

A quote from once “Dope Boy” slash secular recording artist KAS. Now a Member of one of the most talked about Christian Rap labels, “Real Word Records” owned by his Brother “Lil Prophet”, who just dropped a highly anticipated Album on Oct 20th, 2009 called “VERSATILE”.

Born on the murderous streets of South Side Chicago on January 16th 1985 in Cook County, and spending the majority of his life in different areas. From Chicago to Michigan. From Michigan to Atlanta. From Atlanta To Florida.  This talented artist has shown what most Christian artists only Rap about. “I hear a lot of rappers saying they care about the hood but rarely are ever there. Even on both sides. Christian and Secular. They talk about this and that but really have not even lived that life. I know I am the work of the lord. At one point you would not want to stand next to me unless you was bout nothing but that street life. Now i’m trying to lead people in the right direction”

KAS may not be your regular house hold name, but this talented artist has proven that he can hang with the best on both sides of the fence. He started free styling at the age of 9. Then battle rapping at the age of 12 at school and on the block with friends. By the time he hit 18, he had created a nice Buzz in the streets of Tampa and St. Pete Florida. Opening up for big artists such as; Bone Thugs N Harmony, Lil Wayne, Plies, 2 Pistols, Tom G, Yung Joc and many more. To Opening up for big Christian Artists Such as; Pettidee, GRITS, Mr. Del, Lil Prophet, K Drama, Humble TIP and many more.

“It’s easy to write a rhyme about what you think is going on. But when you have lived it, then experienced the change and are walking in a different light. It is just a completely different book. I connected with the streets when I was in them. I’ll do it now!”

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