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itsova_coverArtist Name: Brother Jones
Song Name: It’s Ova (Clear My Throat)
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Produced by: Doc Jones
CD Name: The Brother Jones Show
CD Release Date: 09/02/2011
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Download this now! Brother Jones is the rap duo made up IC Jonez and Doc Jones. Both powerful Gospel rappers here to bring a positive message to all people 2 to 102. So whatever age you are, you gonna dig this. Heres some lyrics, “Arent you glad the past life (Its Ova) Chris dies for our sins (Its Ova) Tell the devil good night (Its Ova) Finito, Let me Clear my Throat (aha aha aha) Its Ova (aha aha aha) Its Ova, Finito,( Let me Clear My Throat) Download this now!

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