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Deshawn White aka Dishon (formerly a Cash Money Records Affiliate) — Never Let Me Down

Published on August 23, 2013

“Never Let Me Down” is an expression of how a relationship can become an idol. It expresses a time when Deshawn White made a girlfriend the center of his worship. His idolatry pulled him away from Christ, we as Christians all know that you can’t serve two masters, this is the first single from his up and coming Ep “Transparency: The Great Oppression.”

Deshawn White aka Dishon (Formerly an affiliate of Cash Money Records) was born in Johnson City,Tn. He grew up in Carver Projects around a lot of violence but through faith he beat the odds. His past has given him a burning desire to share his faith and hope with the urban youth. He plans to share his life stories through Hip hop and use his music as a tool to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dishon also wants to build relationships with other artists that would like to know more about God. He will not force the word or beat them with the bible, he simply would like to share his faith with the ones that would like to know more. Faith, love, and hope are his focal points in the majority of his records. He says, “I’m a Hip – Hop artist sharing what is real to me. God, the hood, faith, trials, politics, war, women, poverty, hope, failure, grace, and success is all real to me. I don’t label my self as a “religious rapper” I actually don’t like when people call me “religious” like I said before I rap about what my life consists of. I work with a lot of secular/mainstream artists and I have felt a lot of heat for it. I’m living the life God gave me and I believe I’m doing what I was called to do. I fish for men and take the gospel anywhere I go.

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