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IMG_6939 - CopyArtist Name: NATO Poppins and Dee
Song Name: Heart of Life

Produced by: BRAZZY
CD Name: N/A
CD Release Date: N/A

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Ear Piece is a project that come to being as the result of prayers from Dee and NATO unaware that God was setting them up to create music. BRAZZY, the producer for this crew was the individual who spawned the idea for a mixtape. “Yo Dee you wit it? Yo NATO you wit it? this mixtape about to be poppin like your last name!” What followed were a few weeks of writing and acquiring of beats and writing, only for the duo to come together and realize recording is a lot harder than it looks, with the outcome being two tracks. Sadly Ear Piece is unaware of when they will be able to come together an record because Dee is moving away to Texas to attend a university while NATO remains in the LA area to finish up Bible College.

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